18 May 2020

Face masks prompt London police to consider pause in rollout of facial recognition cameras

In London, the use of facial recognition technologies has been hindered by its resident’s use of face coverings as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic. The wearing of face masks has incapacitated the technology for the time being. The UK has adopted surveillance technology over the past several years, despite

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27 Mar 2020

ICE Wants to Connect Its Facial Recognition System With a Pennsylvania County’s Gang Intel App

Homeland Security Investigations and Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) are seeking to leverage a transnational gang intelligence application that was developed by a Pennsylvania county district attorney’s office. The two agencies are looking to improve coordination when dealing with gangs operating in Virginia, West Virginia, and the Washington DC metro

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06 Mar 2020

DHS Launches Third Biometric Rally to Assess How the Tech Works on Crowds

The Homeland Security Department unveiled plans to host its third Biometric Technology Rally, bringing together industry vendors and volunteers to collectively accelerate the technology that could be used for an extensive number of functions in the future. The agency is accepting applications from interested participants through late April, and this

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27 Feb 2020

Data breach exposes Clearview AI client list

Clearview AI is a United States-based company that develops facial recognition technology. The startup’s technology is deployed by hundreds of law enforcement agencies in the US for various different programs and uses. Yesterday, the company confirmed that they had suffered from a data breach that exposed their customer list, the

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25 Feb 2020

Canada Privacy Watchdog Probes Facial Recognition Startup

Last Friday, Canada’s privacy watchdog agency announced that it was conducting an investigation into US-based company Clearview for its use of AI and machine learning to match images of unknown faces to photos mined from millions of websites and social media networks. The Office of the Privacy Commissioner stated that

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21 Feb 2020

London Police Just Turned On Facial Recognition In One Of The World’s Busiest Shopping Districts

London’s Metropolitan Police recently began using facial recognition technology on London’s Regent Street, claiming it would reduce serious crime. The use of facial recognition technology has drawn criticism for its effect on privacy in one of the world’s busiest shopping districts. Cameras scan the faces of passerby, and when one

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17 Feb 2020

Senators Call for a Moratorium on Government’s Use of Facial Recognition

Democratic Senators Cory Booker and Jeff Merkley have proposed the Ethical Use of Facial Recognition Act, aiming to stop the federal government from using the technology until Congress passes legislation that regulates the industry. The senators stated that without proper oversight, facial recognition technology poses a serious risk to citizens’

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14 Feb 2020

CBP Expands Facial Recognition Program to Another Southern Border Crossing

Customs and Border Protection (CBP) announced earlier this week that they plan to expand its facial recognition program ahead of the original date scheduled for this spring. This week, the technology was deployed at a fifth land border location in Weslaco, Texas at the Progreso port of entry. The agency

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31 Jan 2020

Facebook to Pay $550M to Settle Class Action Case Over Facial Recognition

Facebook has agreed to settle a case over the social network’s Tag Suggestions feature, agreeing to pay $550 million to Illinois users. The class-action lawsuit was filed over the use of Facebook’s face-tagging technology that collects facial recognition data without users’ consent. The company announced the settlement on Wednesday, stating

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27 Jan 2020

Class-action lawsuit filed against controversial Clearview AI startup

A class-action lawsuit was filed earlier this week against Clearview AI, a New York-based startup that has created one of the biggest facial recognition databases in the world. The database was developed by scraping social media networks for people’s photos. The startup was originally low-profile but was exposed last week

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