12 Nov 2020

Ragnar Locker Ransomware Gang Takes Out Facebook Ads in Key New Tactic

Ragnar Locker group has taken out public Facebook ads, threatening to release stolen data obtained from a ransomware attack against Italian liquor seller Campari. The attack occurred on November 3 and resulted in the theft of 2TB of sensitive data. Ragnar operators are demanding a $15 million ransom be paid

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21 Oct 2020

Fancy Bear Imposters Are on a Hacking Extortion Spree

A new group impersonating the Fancy Bear threat actor group has been targeting victims across the world in copycat attacks, pretending to be the Russian state-backed hackers. The security firm Radware published recent extortion notes sent by the group to companies across the world, demanding bitcoin in exchange for safety.

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22 Sep 2020

‘Dark Overlord’ Cyber Extortionist Pleads Guilty

Nathan Wyatt, a member of the notorious Dark Overlord cyber extortion gang, will now face five years in prison as a result of his guilty plea in court earlier this week. Wyatt will also owe his victims $1 million in reparations and will remain under law enforcement supervision after the

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