18 Dec 2020

3M Users Targeted by Malicious Facebook, Insta Browser Add-Ons

Avast Threat Intelligence has identified malware hidden in twenty-eight popular Google Chrome and Microsoft Edge extensions. The extensions are all used for social media sites such as Facebook, Instagram, and Vimeo. Security researchers advise users to uninstall the extensions, which boast 3 million downloads in total. The most popular extensions

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17 Feb 2020

500 Malicious Chrome Extensions Impact Millions of Users

Duo Security released an analysis on Thursday claiming that over 500 malicious Chrome extensions were secretly collecting browser data and redirecting users to websites containing malware. Researchers at Duo Security stated that the extensions have since been removed from Google’s Chrome Web Store, but that they were previously downloaded millions

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29 Jan 2020

Google And Mozilla Crack Down On Malicious Browser Add-ons

Google and Mozilla have recently been experiencing an uptake in malicious browser add-ons, and the companies announced plans to crackdown against cybercrime in the coming months. Currently, the companies offer thousands of browser extensions available for download. Cybercriminals frequently discover workarounds that allow them to sneak shady and malicious apps

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