19 Jan 2022

Man Charged with Smuggling Tech Exports to Iran

Kambiz Attar Kashani, a 44 year-old with dual citizenship to the US and Iran, has been charged with violating sanctions by exporting IT goods and services to the latter country. Kashani was arrested last Friday on charges of conspiring to illegal export to the Central Bank of Iran. Kashani reportedly

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13 Jan 2022

Energy Dependence Ties Europe’s Hands in U.S.-Russia Crisis

Europe’a dependence on Russian gas and oil has limited the continent’s ability to maneuver or take action in the mounting crisis between Washington and Moscow over security in the region and is resulting in significant vulnerability in the event of an escalation. Officials from the US, Russia, and Europe met

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11 Mar 2021

E.U. Exports Millions of Covid Vaccine Doses Despite Supply Crunch at Home

Over the past several weeks, the European Union has exported 34 million coronavirus vaccines to dozens of countries. The E.U. is facing vaccine shortages at home despite continuing to export the vaccines, and its vaccine rollout is trailing behind the United States, Britain and Israel. The E.U. had been criticized

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16 Apr 2020

China’s Export Restrictions Strand Medical Goods U.S. Needs to Fight Coronavirus, State Department Says

Export restrictions imposed by China have resulted in American companies’ face masks, test kits, and other medical equipment essential to fighting COVID-19 stranded in China. According to US diplomatic memos, the large quantities of protective gear and medical goods are sitting in Chinese warehouses, unable to receive the necessary clearances

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10 Dec 2019

Ukraine and Russia agree to implement ceasefire

After negotiations between Russian President Vladimir Putin and Ukraine President Volodymyr Zelensky, the two countries have agreed to implement a ceasefire in eastern Ukraine by the end of 2019. The presidents met in Paris on Monday, and the discussion was brokered by the leaders of France and Germany. The talks

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09 Jun 2018

China’s exports to US rise while falling elsewhere

Data for the month of May shows increased trade deficit for the US vis-à-vis China, while decreasing for the rest of the world. This comes in the midst of the ongoing trade dispute that has raised uncertainty of future financial positions.  Source: China’s exports to US rise despite an overall

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