05 Jan 2021

NYSE Abruptly Reverses Plan to Delist Chinese Telecom Companies

The New York Stock Exchange did a 180 and abruptly dropped plans to delist three major Chinese telecommunications companies. The decision came after the NYSE consulted regulators pertaining to an investment ban enacted by President Donald Trump. Just days before the companies were to be delisted and just two weeks

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18 Sep 2020

US Commerce Department to ban TikTok and WeChat downloads starting Sept. 20

Today, the US Commerce Department announced that, in line with President Trump’s executive order, all downloads of WeChat and TikTok will be banned beginning on Sunday. President Trump previously signed two executive orders against the Chinese-owned social media platforms in early August, claiming that the apps posed a threat to

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05 May 2020

National Emergency as Trump Bans Foreign Power Grid Kit

On Friday, US President Donald Trump declared a national emergency over the threat of foreign adversaries conducting cyberattacks against the US power grid, stating that the impact of an attack of this nature could have a devastating impact on emergency services, the economy, and critical infrastructure. The executive order has

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08 Aug 2018

Pending Executive Order to Move Entire Background Investigation Bureau to Pentagon

“The government’s head of background investigations is fully in favor of moving his office, staff and workload under the Defense Department, a shift that is expected to become official under an impending presidential executive order. Congress passed legislation last year requiring the National Background Investigations Bureau—part of the Office of

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