26 Oct 2021

Ethereum 2.0 inches closer with the Beacon Chain’s Altair upgrade

The price of Ether (ETH) nearly hit a new all-time high on Oct. 21 before falling below $4,000 after the $435-million options expiry on Oct. 22 soured the mood. The Ethereum network is set to take another step toward Ethereum 2.0 on Oct. 27 at epoch 74240 with the Altair

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19 Oct 2021

Here’s Everything You Need To Know About De-Fi And How To Invest In It Today

If you’ve dipped your toes in the world of cryptocurrency, then one of the most important terms you need to understand is DeFi, or decentralized finance. That’s because not only is DeFi a new addition to the cryptocurrency lexicon but it’s use-case is destined to reach far beyond the current

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08 Oct 2021

Amount of ETH held by miners reaches highest level since 2016

The amount of Ether (ETH) that is being held by miners has reached record levels in terms of United States dollars, as they remain reluctant to sell. The balance held by Ether miners is the largest it has been since shortly after the network was launched five years ago. When converted

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06 Oct 2021

Ethereum is ‘killing itself,’ costing users thousands of dollars for every transaction

Ethereum is months away from its transition to PoS, in “The Merge.” Until then, traders on the Ethereum network suffer from high fees on the network. Proponents on Twitter condone the complaints on transaction fees, however, analysts consider this more than a rant. Buterin has proposed the use of rollups

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04 Oct 2021

Ethereum had a rough September. Here’s why and how it’s being fixed

September was a rough month for crypto investors, in particular for those betting big on ether, the token tied to the Ethereum blockchain. Ether dropped 13% for the month, its second-biggest monthly decline in the past year, behind only a 16% slide in June. Bitcoin fell 7% in September. It’s difficult

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30 Sep 2021

First ETF combining bitcoin and ethereum launches in Canada

Investors who want to buy a cryptocurrency ETF don’t have to choose between bitcoin (BTC) or Ethereum (ETH) and its tokens called ether, because a new fund that holds both started trading today. The new ETF from Evolve ETFs trades under the ticker ETC on the TSX and is Canada’s

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28 Sep 2021

Cryptocurrency Exchanges Curb Trading From China After Beijing’s Warning

One of the world’s largest cryptocurrency exchanges said it would close all user accounts in mainland China by the end of the year, days after the country’s central bank declared all crypto-related transactions illegal. Huobi Global, which was founded in 2013 and currently operates from offices in Singapore, South Korea, the

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27 Sep 2021

Staking on Ethereum 2.0, explained

Read Sarah Jansen explain in layman terms what Ethereum 2.0 is and why it is needed on Coin Telegraph : Crypto developers have adopted the Ethereum (ETH) 1.0 blockchain for its decentralized applications with offerings, including lending, borrowing, pooling, and trading as a service. Unfortunately, increased adoption has become a

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23 Sep 2021

Value Of ETH Staked Ahead Of Ethereum 2.0 Jumps 25% In One Month

Read Best Owie explain how Ethereum prices have jumped nearly 25% ahead of Ethereum 2.0 launch and now there are 240,000 Ethereum validators on Bitcoinst : Ethereum 2.0 is still far on the horizon. Scheduled to occur in 2022, the project has experienced numerous delays that have pushed back its

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21 Sep 2021

Solana’s network crashed this week, but developers say the DeFi altcoin is still on track to succeed as an alternative to ethereum

Michael Wagner has large ambitions for his blockchain-based multiplayer game, Star Atlas. He sees his beta-stage product where players explore outer space eventually morphing into a “metaverse,” and told Insider he wants the user base to expand to “the entire global population.” A game that can support that kind of

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