04 Sep 2018

Russia’s Sergey Lavrov confirms plans for logistics base in Eritrea

“Russia is joining the list of nations intent on establishing their foothold in the Red Sea. In a meeting with Eritrean leaders on Friday (Aug. 31), foreign minister Sergey Lavrov announced plans to establish a ‘logistics center’ at a port in the East African nation. Moscow didn’t specify the location

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11 Jul 2018

Ethiopia and Eritrea’s declare end of war

A formal declaration by the leaders of Ethiopia and Eritrea have officially ended their border war 18 years after the fighting stopped. While a peace deal ended the fighting in 2000, the countries have not had diplomatic or trade ties. The war was a consistent legitimizing factor for many of

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07 Jun 2018

Ethiopia ‘accepts peace deal’ to end Eritrea border war

Ethiopia’s government decided to accept the full results of the 2002 border commission ruling on the disputed territory between Ethiopia and Eritrea, formally ending a longstanding dispute that has seen tens of thousands of people killed in fighting, mostly in the late 90s.  Source: Ethiopia ‘accepts peace deal’ to end

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