14 Jan 2022

Channel migrants: Thirty rescued as man dies off French coast

Thirty people were rescued as one man died after they tried to cross the Channel to the UK. The man fell overboard a small migrant boat as it got into difficulty off the French coast at Berck-sur-Mer. Most people rescued by French rescue services were in the dinghy, but five

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02 Dec 2021

Barbadians celebrate the birth of a republic and bid farewell to the Queen

Barbados cut its remaining ties with the British monarchy at midnight today after a 400-year long relationship. On Monday evening, Prince Charles spoke at a ceremony and acknowledged the atrocity of slavery as the nation officially removed Queen Elizabeth II as the head of state. Barbados inaugurated its first-ever President

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14 Oct 2021

University of Sunderland Hit by Suspected Cyber-Attack

The University of Sunderland in the UK has suffered from a suspected cyberattack that has resulted in extensive IT issues. The university confirmed the incident on Twitter, saying that its telephone lines, website, and IT systems are down. All online classes were canceled, and staff members were unable to access

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09 Dec 2020

Two in U.K. Suffer Allergic Reaction to Pfizer’s Covid-19 Vaccine

Two of the first recipients of the Pfizer and BioNTech Covid-19 vaccine in the UK have developed an allergic reaction to the concoction, according to the National Health Service. Both victims are recovering well and the adverse response to the injection is not life-threatening. The incident prompted the NHS to

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17 Aug 2020

Ritz London suspects data breach, fraudsters pose as staff in credit card data scam

Scammers in London posed as staff members at the Ritz Hotel to steal credit card data from customers staying at the hotel. The Ritz is currently investigating the data breach, which occurred earlier this month. The company released an announcement on Twitter stating that they were made aware of a

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12 Aug 2020

U.K. Economy Shrinks by More Than Any Other Rich Country

According to second-quarter reports, the UK is facing a steeper Q2 contraction than its counterparts, faring the worst out of any comparable economy due to the COVID-19 pandemic. The UK has also reported the highest death toll within the region, and months of lockdown measures and business closures have pushed

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01 Jun 2020

Tiananmen: Police ban Hong Kong vigil for victims of 1989 crackdown

For the first time in 30 years, an annual vigil marking the Tiananmen Square crackdown has been banned by authorities over coronavirus risks. However, there are fears that this may cause a permanent end to the commemorations. China has been seeking to impose new legislation making speaking out against Chinese

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29 Apr 2020

Coronavirus death toll 54% higher in England and Wales than daily stats showed

According to the UK Office of National Statistics, the COVID-19 death toll in England and Wales up until April 17 was 54% higher than the government’s daily figures showed. According to ONS data, there were 22,351 COVID-19 attributed deaths up until April 17, whereas the UK government reported that 14,451

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22 Apr 2020

England and Wales coronavirus death toll 41% higher than UK government’s daily figures

In England, the true death toll from COVID-19 may be up to 41% higher than reported by the UK government’s daily update, according to new data released by the country’s Office of National Statistics (ONS) England and Wales’s death toll updates on the government’s website discluded deaths in hospices, care

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14 Jan 2020

New Trump Team Warning—Huawei Employs Chinese Spies, Using Its Tech ‘Madness’

The US continues to press the UK to make a decision on whether Huawei will be allowed to operate within the European country as its new 5G networks approach. US security officials have warned the UK that failure to exclude Huawei’s equipment in the implementation of 5G networks would be

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