11 Jan 2023

Philippine top court voids old South China Sea energy deal

The Supreme Court in the Philippines on Tuesday stated the country’s 2005 energy exploration agreement with Chinese and Vietnamese firms was illegal. The court declared in the ruling that the constitution does not allow foreign entities to exploit natural resources in the Philippines. The agreement had expired in 2008, but

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29 Dec 2022

Russia ready to resume gas supply to Europe via Yamal-Europe gas pipeline

On Sunday, Russia’s Deputy Prime Minister Alexander Novak stated that Russia is preparing to resume gas supplies to Europe via the Yamal-Europe gas pipeline. The gas transport was previously stopped for political reasons, likely arising due to the Ukrainian-Russia conflict Novak stated that the relevancy of the European market in

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05 Dec 2022

Digital Giant ABB to Pay $315m in Bribery Case

ABB, a Swiss industrial automation giant, will pay hundreds of millions of dollars to close out a bribery case that allegedly violates the US Foreign Corrupt Practices Act. ABB also produces cybersecurity services and solutions and is accused of paying bribes to a Sought African government official who was also

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30 Sep 2022

EU agrees windfall tax on energy firms

The European Union has announced emergency measures that will allow them to charge energy firms on their record profits. These windfall taxes will be applied on certain companies and there will also be mandatory cuts in electricity use.  The proposed plan also includes a levy on fossil fuel firms’ surplus

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25 Jul 2022

Cryptocurrencies & Blockchain Make Inroads Into Energy Markets, For Good And For Bad

In June, the FBI warned the public of a LinkedIn scam where users were lured into making significant investments in fraudulent cryptocurrencies. After trust was established, victims were convinced to move investments to controlled sites before they had their accounts drained. This cyber scam was only notable for how stolen

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28 Jun 2022

What You Need To Know About Nuclear Energy

The future of Nuclear Energy is not decided yet. With leadership the world may be in for an incredible abundance of nuclear provided electricity providing very economical, stable, safe power and increasingly moving us all to a world of less pollution and more innovation across all industries.  Alternatively, less than optimal leadership could keep the world at a status quo or perhaps even roll back the contributions of nuclear power. This post provides a high level overview of nuclear energy issues and a review of some of the breakthroughs and companies bringing breakthroughs to market in the belief that executives across all industries should be part of the discussion on the right approach for the world moving forward.

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23 May 2022

Germany is keen to pursue gas projects with Senegal, says Scholz on first African tour

Chancellor Olaf Scholz of Germany said the country wants to pursue gas and renewable energy projects with Senegal. The Chancellor announced this on Sunday during his frist trip to Africa as the war in Ukraine has created rising energy and food prices. The three-day tour began in Senegal, which has

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20 Apr 2022

This measure of German inflation just hit its highest level since 1949

In March, the German annual producer price inflation topped 30%, reaching the highest level since the Federal Statistics Office began collecting data 73 years ago. Officials announced the milestone on Wednesday, stating that energy prices were likely to blame. Energy prices rose nearly 84% in 2022 from March of last

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16 Mar 2022

Hackers Hit Rosneft

Moscow-based energy company Rosneft has been hit by a cyberattack, however, the attack was conducted against a German subsidiary. The cyberattack compromised the location’s computer network, according to reports from German Newspaper die Welt on Sunday. Germany’s cybersecurity watchdog BSI was able to confirm the breach and offered its assistance

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15 Feb 2022

JET nuclear fusion reactor shatters record for energy production

Nature has reported that the Joint European Torus (JET) fusion reactor in Oxford, UK, has produced the highest level of sustained energy ever produced from an atom fusion. The reactor produced 59 megajoules of energy on December 21, 2021, during a pulse that lasted just five seconds. This figure represents

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