20 Sep 2019

Key threats and trends SMB IT teams deal with

Malware is the top security concern for IT professionals at small to mid-sized businesses (SMBs), a new LogMeIn report reveals. Malware (mentioned by 54% of respondents) is followed by ransomware (46%), employee behavior (44%), cloud security breaches (44%), external data breaches (37%), and internal data breaches (34%). The reports notes a

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09 Sep 2019

5 Key Insights From Absolute’s 2019 Endpoint Security Trends Report

A new report by Absolute on the current state of endpoint security highlights the following five trends / insights: Spending more on endpoint protection doesn’t necessarily result in better security and may even undermine it. While endpoint security is vital for the security of an organization, the study indicates that

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18 Apr 2019

One hundred percent of endpoint security tools eventually fail

New research by Absolute indicates that on average, 2% of endpoint security tools within organizations fail each week and that all such solutions eventually fall short, leaving companies exposed to threats. More and more organizations are finally abandoning the traditional focus on security at the perimeter in favor of a

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