27 Feb 2020

A Small Change To Google Chrome Hits Cybercrime Marketplace Hard

Google recently introduced a seemingly subtle change in the newest version of its Chome web browser, version 80. The feature makes the credentials that users save in Chrome’s password manager more secure, and it has already generated a large impact on the underground criminal enterprise. The Genesis Store has operated

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21 Feb 2020

Over 2000 UK Government Devices Go Missing in a Year

According to new data published by the Freedom of Information (FOI), over 2,000 mobile devices used by UK government employees have gone missing over the past year. The organization also claimed that a significant number of the devices were unencrypted. Between the period of June 1, 2018, and June 1,

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03 Feb 2020

Breach at Indian Airline Affects 1.2 Million Passengers

Indian airline SpiceJet has been hit by a cyberattack resulting in a massive data breach, exposing the personal information of over a million of its passengers. The computer system of the airline was compromised last month when a security researcher used brute force attack to gain access to an unencrypted

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30 Jan 2020

DOD contractor suffers ransomware infection

A 40-year-old electronics company and US government contractor Electronic Warfare Associates (EWA) has suffered from a ransomware attack. Last week, the company’s web servers were encrypted when attackers launched a ransomware campaign against the company. Encrypted files and ransom notes are still available through Google search results a week after

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10 Dec 2019

Scientists Crack Longest, Most Complex Encryption Key Ever

A team in France recently cracked the most complex encryption algorithm to date, taking 35 million compute hours to break even though the key was only one-third of the length of most commercial encryption keys. The longest encryption was previously 232 digits, and the French scientists beat this record by

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06 Dec 2019

New ransomware attacks target your NAS devices, backup storage

Researchers state that users are unprepared for the threat that ransomware strains targeting NAS and backup storage pose. As these ransomware strains grow in popularity, hospitals, commercial enterprises, and individuals are targeted. Once malware is deployed on a system, it typically encrypts files and demands payment through a ransom note

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20 Nov 2019

Google: BigQuery and GCE users get these new controls over sensitive cloud data

Google announced an alternative to existing key management services offered by Google cloud; External Key Manager. To give companies more control of encrypted data, External Key Manager will allow customers to keep encryption keys out of Google’s hands. Yesterday, Google announced Big Query Reservations, an entreprise-friendly pricing model that offers

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04 Oct 2019

Experts Slam US, Australia and UK’s Facebook Encryption Demands

The governments of the United States, the United Kingdom and Australia are urging Facebook not to implement end-to-end encryption on its Instagram and Messenger services. Earlier this year, the FTC slapped a $5bn fine on the social media giant over data protection and privacy issues that led to the Cambridge

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30 Sep 2019

Global Consumers Reject Government-Mandated Encryption Backdoors

While the US Justice Department’s claims that government-mandated encryption backdoors would make it easier to prevent terror attacks, almost two-thirds (64%) of consumers across the US, UK, France and Germany don’t believe this argument, a recent survey by Venafi found. Only 30% of respondents expressed trust in governments to safeguard

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13 Sep 2019

Key Takeaways from the Encryption Working Group’s Paper on “Moving the Encryption Policy Conversation Forward”

The Carnegie Endowment for International Peace Encryption Working Group released a white paper with the hopes of moving the encryption policy debate forward. Former government officials, business representatives, privacy and civil rights advocates, law enforcement experts, and computer scientists contributed to the document, concentrating on law enforcement access to encrypted

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