19 Sep 2022

What The National Academies Believe Regarding The Future of Encryption

The National Academies of Sciences, Engineering and Medicine recently completed a study at the request of the Office of the Director of National Intelligence focused on Encryption and the future of encryption given advances in technology. The academies brought together experts for a detailed study aimed at identifying potential scenarios of critical interest.

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29 Apr 2022

Could quantum computing bring down Bitcoin and end the age of crypto?

Quantum computers will eventually break much of today’s encryption, and that includes the signing algorithm of Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies. Approximately one-quarter of the Bitcoin ($168bn) in circulation in 2022 is vulnerable to quantum attack, according to a study by Deloitte. Cybersecurity specialist Itan Barmes led the vulnerability study of the

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13 Apr 2022

Facebook Messenger’s ‘Dangerous’ New Update—Why You Should Be Concerned

Despite multiple warnings that Meta’s new update is a dangerous step in the wrong direction, the company announced plans to bring about end-to-end encryption to its Facebook Messenger and Instagram platforms. The plans were first announced in 2019, but have been plagued with technical challenges, meaning that the global rollout

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24 Feb 2022

Samsung Shattered Encryption on 100M Phones

Samsung reportedly shipped 100 million smartphones containing botched encryption, including models ranging from the 2017 Galaxy S8 to last year’s Galaxy S21. The incident was reportedly by researchers at Tel Aviv University, who confirmed that they found severe cryptographic design flaws that could allow attackers to siphon the devices’ hardware

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17 Nov 2021

Joint Cybersecurity Advisory Released by CISA, FBI, AUS CSC and UK NCSC Regarding Iranian Government-Sponsored APT

An advanced persistent threat (APT) group since March of 2021, has been exploiting Fortinet vulnerabilities and, since October 2021, a Microsoft Exchange ProxyShell vulnerability “to gain initial access to systems in advance of follow-on operations, which include deploying ransomware.” This joint cybersecurity advisory is the result of an analytic effort among the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI), the Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Security Agency (CISA), the Australian Cyber Security Centre (ACSC), and the United Kingdom’s National Cyber Security Centre (NCSC).

The Joint Cybersecurity Advisory was released this morning at approx. 11 AM EST.

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18 Oct 2021

BlackByte ransomware decryptor released

A new form of malware called BlackByte has been discovered in a recent IT incident. The malware appears to have been inspired by other strains and is likely the work of amateurs, according to security researchers at Trustwave. The ransomware is reportedly odd in nature due to some design and

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16 Aug 2021

Islamic State Propaganda Networks are Thriving says Europol

Europol has warned that although official propaganda from the Islamic State has reportedly declined since 2020 due to disruptions from Western coalition forces, informal supporter networks are alive and well. The law enforcement agency detailed the key trends of last year, noting the persistence of terrorist content across multiple online

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14 Jan 2021

Ring trials customer video end-to-end encryption for smart doorbells

Ring has created a preview of end-to-end encryption for home video feeds. The feature is being rolled out to customers this week by the Amazon-owned smart doorbell. After feedback proves the encryption to be successful, the encryption will eventually be offered to users as an opt-in feature. Ring has come

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30 Apr 2020

Pharma Giant ExecuPharm Suffers Data Breach/Ransomware Combo

According to major US pharmaceutical firm ExecuPharm, the company was hit by a cyberattack on March 13 in which threat actors attacked the company’s IT systems with ransomware and demanded payment in return for decryption. The pharmaceutical firm stated that their servers were encrypted as a result of the attack

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27 Feb 2020

A Small Change To Google Chrome Hits Cybercrime Marketplace Hard

Google recently introduced a seemingly subtle change in the newest version of its Chome web browser, version 80. The feature makes the credentials that users save in Chrome’s password manager more secure, and it has already generated a large impact on the underground criminal enterprise. The Genesis Store has operated

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