11 Feb 2022

Simon Clark on Investigating the Key Man and a Billion Dollar Fraud

In this OODAcast, we talk with Pulitzer Prize nominated journalist Simon Clark about his book the “The Key Man: The True Story of How the Global Elite Was Duped by a Capitalist Fairy Tale “. The book tells the story of Arif Naqvi and his Dubai-based private-equity firm Abraaj and attracted he billions of dollars in investment and shared the stage and social scene with the world’s global elite in what would become one of the most audacious large scale frauds of recent times.

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31 Aug 2018

Argentina Raises Rates, as Emerging Markets Turbulence Spreads

“Investors for weeks have been anxious that problems in developing economies could lead to broader trouble in financial markets. Turmoil in Turkey has been the most frequent cause for concern. The jitters intensified on Thursday, yet the catalyst was not Turkey but Argentina — a sign that the array of

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