01 May 2019

2020 U.S. Presidential Candidates Vulnerable to Email Attacks

New research by Agari indicates that the vast majority of Republican and Democrat candidates for the 2020 US presidential election are putting themselves at risk of email attacks by not taking the necessary steps to properly secure their email account. Of all the campaigns included in the research, only 1%

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18 Mar 2019

Email – The Often Overlooked Cybersecurity Risk

Are silly email mistakes putting your sensitive data and customer PII at risk or in violation of GDPR. Matt Devost breaks down four real life examples that highlight inadvertent email risks.

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04 Feb 2019

Email authentication use growing steadily in every industry sector

According to a new report by Valimail, the vast majority of U.S. federal government agencies have successfully adopted Domain-based Message Authentication Reporting & Conformance (DMARC), a security standard to combat fake emails. Adoption of standards like DMARC is also on the rise among major companies and in the health care sector, although

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01 Feb 2019

Employees report 23,000 phishing incidents annually, costing $4.3 million to investigate

According to a new report by Agari on email fraud, one out of every five advanced email attacks is an account takeover-based (ATO) attack. In these attacks, threat actors take control of a legitimate account, which they can then use to carry out other cybercrimes. ATO’s are hard to detect since

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10 Jan 2019

Critical Flaw in Cisco’s Email Security Appliance Enables ‘Permanent DoS’

Cisco has plugged 18 vulnerabilities, including two flaws that could allow threat actors to carry out denial of service (DoS) attacks on affected machines by means of sending an email. One of the DoS bugs was rated as critical, and the other as “high” in terms of severity. The 16 remaining

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19 Sep 2018

State Department Confirms Email Data Breach

“The State Department detected unusual activity in its unclassified email system that may have compromised some employees’ personal information, a department spokesperson confirmed to Nextgov Tuesday. The ‘activity of concern’ affected less than 1 percent of State employee email inboxes, the spokesperson said. There’s no evidence of unusual activity affected

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17 Sep 2018

91 percent of hacks begin with an email

Over 9 out of 10 cyberattacks begins with an email, according to a recent report by cyberintelligence company FireEye. The figures are based on an analysis of 500 million emails sent between January and June 2018. The report also stated that attacks are increasingly targeting tax forms for sensitive data

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