06 Jan 2023

Jimmy Soni on Why PayPal Was Successful

In this OODAcast, we talk with Jimmy Soni, the author of the book “The Founders: The Story of PayPal and the Entrepreneurs Who Shaped Silicon Valley”. Jimmy takes a deep, historical look at the founding story of PayPal with detailed analysis, interviews, and access that you won’t find in any other telling of the PayPal story. PayPal is a fascinating company to look at, not only to examine the PayPal business, but in looking at what emerged out of the PayPal founding team in the future. A list of companies that includes the likes of SpaceX, Tesla, Affirm, LinkedIn, YouTube, Yammer, Palantir, Kiva, Yelp, and Yammer.

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02 Nov 2022

Twitter Verified Status Users Flooded with Scams

Since Elon Musk’s arrival as the new owner of Twitter, verified users have reported an influx of phishing attempts via email and on the platform itself. Elon Musk has fired Twitter’s board to become the sole director and wants to initiate a big change to the way the platform handles

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17 May 2022

Elon Musk says Twitter deal ‘cannot move forward’ without more information.

Elon Musk raised further doubts about the future of his $44 billion acquisition of Twitter on Tuesday, saying “this deal cannot move forward” until he gets more details about the volume of spam and fake accounts on the platform. Mr. Musk, who is carrying out a public tweet-by-tweet negotiation for the

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11 May 2022

Russian hackers ‘ramping up efforts’ after cyberattack shut down Ukraine internet connections, Musk warns

Russia carried out a cyberattack during the beginning of its invasion of Ukraine, cutting off from the internet thousands of modems throughout Europe, officials from the U.S., Great Britain, Canada, Estonia and the European Union announced Tuesday. SpaceX founder Elon Musk, whose Starlink satellites have helped ensure Ukrainians’ access to

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02 May 2022

Musk’s Twitter goal of authenticating all users is good for ending bots but bad for humans

According to security professionals, Elon Musks’s plans for Twitter may have consequences for human users. Should the major deal close, Musk will face criticism regarding the direction of Twitter. Some have stated that Twitter’s top users don’t use the site in the same way as ordinary people. Instead of tackling

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04 Apr 2022

Elon Musk Takes 9.2% Stake in Twitter After Hinting at Shake-Up

Elon Musk took a 9.2% stake in Twitter Inc. to become the platform’s biggest shareholder, a week after hinting he might shake up the social media industry. Twitter shares surged as much as 26% after Musk’s purchase was revealed Monday in a regulatory filing, the stock’s biggest intraday increase in more

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13 May 2021

Tesla will no longer accept Bitcoin over climate concerns, says Musk

On Thursday, Tesla suspended vehicle purchases using Bitcoin due to climate change concerns. Tesla had announced in March that it would accept the cryptocurrency, and was met with outrage from environmentalists and investors. On Thursday, Tesla revealed that the increasing use of fossil fuels for Bitcoin mining and transactions was

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10 Mar 2021

Elon Musk reveals why the SN10 Starship exploded

Elon Musk has revealed what caused the SN10 Starship to explode on its landing pad a minute after touchdown. The SpaceX CEO stated that the engine was on low thrust, likely due to partial helium ingestion. The impact from this occurrence crushed the rocket’s legs and part of its skirt,

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10 Jul 2020

Tesla Autopilot ‘Self-Driving’ Possibly Getting More Aggressive In Evasive Maneuvering Which Could Be A Hidden Sign About Level 5

Recently, a news report arose in which a Tesla on Autopilot managed to avoid hitting a deer. However, the car instead performed an aggressive swerve maneuver that could have injured the driver or surrounding cars. Although nobody was injured in this instance, including the deer, the evasive maneuver was reportedly

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10 Jun 2020

Fake SpaceX YouTube channels scam viewers out of $150K in bitcoin

Three YouTube channels have been hijacked by scammers to display bitcoin scams that impersonate Elon Musk’s legitimate SpaceX channel. The three hacked pages have collected almost $150,000 in bitcoin over the past two days. Scammers have frequently been impersonating Elon Musk and SpaceX to perform fraudulent “cryptocurrency giveaways” and other

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