04 Dec 2020

OODAcast: Masha Sedova, Co-Founder Elevate Security on Human Risk Management

Masha Sedova is an award-winning people-security expert, speaker, and entrepreneur focused on helping companies transform employees from a risk into a key element of defense.

She has been a part of our OODA Network for years, including speaking at our legacy FedCyber event, where she introduced the behavior-based and gamified cybersecurity training and awareness she put in place at Salesforce.

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02 Oct 2020

OODA Network Interview: Masha Sedova

This OODA Network Expert interview is with Masha Sedova, Co-Founder of Elevate Security.  Masha’s life story is a surprise and an inspiration.  Read how this Russian-born emigre developed a synergy between left-brain and right-brain to solve one of our toughest problems in Cyber Security – the Insider Threat.

Masha often hears executives opine “Humans are the weakest link”.  She disagrees.  “It’s a hard problem, and requires good psychology and good data, but I’ve seen organizations where the human element is one of the core features of their defense.”

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11 Mar 2020

The 2020 OODA Cybersecurity Watch List

Every year during the RSA season OODA provides an updated list of what we see as the tech firms with the greatest potential to disrupt the cybersecurity market and improve an organization’s ability to manage cyber risk. We base the firms we track in this list off of our own continuous market research and then use the activities around RSA to interview company leaders and other industry professionals to select the firms we believe warrant special focus by the community.

The resulting list can serve multiple stakeholders. Investors can find firms that have demonstrated good product-market fit and are good candidates for follow-on funding. CISOs can find companies that have demonstrated real disruptive technology potential and at least enough traction to prove they are worth considering. And larger tech firms can find interesting businesses worth tracking for potential partnering and, perhaps later in the firm’s lifecycle, for potential M&A.

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