27 Jul 2018

Rivals concede Pakistan election to Imran Khan; EU cites concerns

Pakistan’s major parties have conceded defeat in Pakistan’s July 25 elections that European Union monitors has indicated was not conducted fairly. The new Prime Minister Imran Khan, who has the support of the army, promised to investigate claims of vote-rigging. A failure of the electronic system has meant that vote

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26 Jul 2018

Pakistan election in disarray as incumbent rejects result, army-backed Imran Khan gives victory speech

A day after going to the polls, Pakistan is in a state of confusion after the leading candidate announced victory and the results were rejected by the incumbent. The Election Commission of Pakistan, an independent body, has named a software breakdown as the cause of the delay in results. Nearly

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25 Jul 2018

Pakistan election: Suicide blasts and violence erupts as voters head to the polls

Pakistan is electing candidates at the polls today, as explosions and clashes break out across the country. The long-awaited election has been marred by pre-election violence and terrorist attacks that have claimed hundreds of lives, as well as fears of electoral manipulation by incumbents and the military. The largest attack

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24 Jul 2018

Tomorrow’s Pakistan election raises fears of ‘creeping coup’

Pakistan has a long history of military rule or heavy military involvement in politics. And, while the formal political powers held by the military were done away with in the past decade, the institution remains extremely powerful and fears continue to grow that they are or will use their influence

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21 Jun 2018

Extremist groups skirt political bans, eye gains in Pakistan’s upcoming elections

Major militant and terror-linked groups in Pakistan have successfully skirted efforts from the Election Commission to ban their participation in the upcoming general elections in July. This is part of a broader failure to prevent the “political mainstreaming” of extremists who are backed by sizable portions of the populace and

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