27 Oct 2022

Vice Society Ransomware Campaigns Continue to Impact US Education Sector

Vice Society, a threat actor known for ransomware and extortion campaigns, has been identified in operations targeting the US education sector. Microsoft security researchers released an advisory about Vice Society and its recent activities on Tuesday. The write-up states that the group’s latest payload is a Zeppelin variant that contains

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03 Oct 2022

LA Unified School District Hackers Have Posted Stolen Data Online

The Los Angeles Unified School District was compromised by a threat actor group called the Vice Society earlier this year. It appears that the data from the hack has since been leaked on line after the school district confirmed that the hackers planned to post the data it stole from

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07 Sep 2022

FBI K-12 Ransomware Warning as LAUSD is Hit

The FBI has warned that there may be a possible surge in ransomware attacks targeting US schools as they resume classes following the summer break. Over the holiday weekend, the FBI reported that the country’s second largest school district, the Los Angeles Unified School District (LAUSD) was compromised by threat

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09 Aug 2022

Why education is key to halting hacks like the $190M Nomad exploit

Following the loss of almost $200 million in a security exploit on crypto protocol Nomad, security experts insisted that more education and security protocols are necessary for protecting web3 communities from hackers. “The crypto ecosystem is currently in a nascent stage of adoption,” Nick Percoco, chief security officer at Kraken,

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31 May 2022

US Academic Credentials Displayed in Public and Dark Web Forums

The Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) has warned the public of a new threat via a Private Industry Notification. The warning targets universities, colleges, and higher education institutions that credentials have been advertised for same on dark web criminal marketplaces. According to the FBI, the credentials were discovered in January

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27 May 2022

Ed tech wrongfully tracked school children during pandemic says Human Rights Watch

According to Human Rights Watch (HRW), students who were required to use government-endorsed education technology, also referred to as ed tech, during the Covid-19 pandemic may have been subject to a variety of harmful cyber practices, such as keystroke monitoring and data collection. In addition, the HRW alleges that the

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24 Mar 2022

Taliban Abruptly Decide to Keep Secondary Schools Closed to Girls

New reports say that the Taliban remain against the idea that women and girls should be able to receive an education or play active roles in public life. In addition, the Taliban leadership is likely aware that weakening their policies on women’s roles could push some hard-line members to defect

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15 Feb 2022

A whole new world: Education meets the metaverse

The metaverse is upon us. Soon it will be as omnipresent as TikTok, Instagram, and Facebook (now Meta). As technology advances to bring us new immersive and imaginary worlds, how we educate children and prepare teachers must also advance to meet these new opportunities. When education lags the digital leaps,

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07 Feb 2022

Afghan universities reopen to female students but with strict rules on mixing

On Wednesday, Afghanistan’s public universities reopened and allowed female students back on campus for the first time since the Taliban took control of the country last year. The Taliban administration has not officially announced its plan for female students, however, education officials and women were permitted to attend classes on

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14 Oct 2021

Taliban Allow Teenage Afghan Girls Back in Some Provincial Schools—but Not in Kabul

The Taliban has allowed middle and high school girls to resume studies across several provinces in northern Afghanistan. The move may be an indication of how the Islamist group’s policies on key issues such as education for girls and women are being influenced by the international community and cultural differences

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