17 May 2021

China’s Economic Recovery Slowed in April

In April, China’s economic recovery in the aftermath of Covid-19 grew at a slower pace as retail sales did not meet expectations. This has complicated the idea that China is recovering steadily and at a consistent rate as the world’s second-largest economy. Official data that was released today details how

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07 May 2021

Pakistani Prime Minister Khan visits Saudi Arabia to reset ties

Pakistan’s Prime Minister Imran Khan is making an effort to reset relations with Saudi Arabia after tensions in recent years. Khan arrived in Riyadh on Friday is the beginning of a three-day visit. Saudi Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman invited Khan in a significant move. Pakistan’s army chief General Qamar

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30 Nov 2020

Measures of Chinese Economic Activity Signal Widening Recovery

China’s economic activity has climbed to the highest levels in years, signaling a broadening recovery in the country boasting the world’s second-largest economy just a year after the COVID-19 virus caused officials to implement economically harmful lockdown measures to protect the public health. Both nonmanufacturing and manufacturing quotas have increased

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30 Jul 2020

Germany’s Economy Suffers Biggest Contraction on Record, but Green Shoots Emerge

Germany has suffered from a record-breaking economic contraction in the second quarter of 2020 due to lockdown measures taken to prevent the spread of COVID-19. However, Germany is expected to recover faster than other major European economies despite the contraction. Germany’s GDP fell 10.1% when compared with the previous quarter,

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14 May 2020

Israel swears in new government after 3 deadlocked elections

Israel is swearing in a new government later today after a year and a half of political paralysis and three deadlocked elections. Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu will serve a historic fifth term in office due to a power-sharing deal with his biggest rival and leader of the Blue and White

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