13 Jul 2021

OPEC+ stalemate threatens the pandemic recovery

The International Energy Agency has warned that the failure by major oil producers to agree on supply increases could elevate fuel prices. The elevated prices of fuel would spark inflation and would slow nations’ recovery from the coronavirus pandemic. The agency expects oil markets to tighten as demand increases after

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11 Jun 2021

Fresh Covid-19 Outbreaks in Asia Disrupt Global Shipping, Chip Supply Chain

A fresh wave of Covid-19 outbreak clusters in Asia has created bottlenecks in the supply chain, which threaten to increase prices and impact post-pandemic recovery across the globe. Vaccination campaigns are still in the early stages throughout much of the region, resulting in increased risks of new outbreaks. One outbreak

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17 May 2021

China’s Economic Recovery Slowed in April

In April, China’s economic recovery in the aftermath of Covid-19 grew at a slower pace as retail sales did not meet expectations. This has complicated the idea that China is recovering steadily and at a consistent rate as the world’s second-largest economy. Official data that was released today details how

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30 Nov 2020

Measures of Chinese Economic Activity Signal Widening Recovery

China’s economic activity has climbed to the highest levels in years, signaling a broadening recovery in the country boasting the world’s second-largest economy just a year after the COVID-19 virus caused officials to implement economically harmful lockdown measures to protect the public health. Both nonmanufacturing and manufacturing quotas have increased

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