02 Oct 2020

New APT Group XDSpy Targets Belarus and Russian-Speakers

A new APT group targeting Belarus and other Eastern European governments and businesses has been uncovered and dubbed “XDSpy.” The advanced persistent threat group has reportedly been conducting malicious activity against Eastern European entities for over nine years. The group does not share any similarities of regional targets, network infrastructure,

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18 Dec 2018

Think tank: NATO must prepare to counter a rapid Russia invasion in Europe

According to international affairs think tank the Atlantic Council, Russia is currently equipped to overrun U.S. and NATO forces stationed across Eastern Europe and annex land before defenses are able to mobilize. While the US has made deterrence against Russia a priority in its defense strategy through a number of

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27 Nov 2018

Czech Republic to boost spending on land weapons in 2019

Czech Defence Minister Lubomir Metnar has announced the country’s plans to expand purchases for infantry fighting vehicles, helicopters, mobile air defense radars, and other systems as part of a broader effort to update its military’s inventory and replace older Russian weapons with more modern ones made locally and by its

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