11 Jan 2021

Singapore touts ‘greener’ digital monetary gifts this Lunar New Year

The gift-giving tradition on the Lunar New Year sees an annual production of new bank notes. The energy required estimates to release 330 tonnes of carbon emissions as a result. This number is equivalent to charging 5.7 million smartphones for five days in Singapore. Singapore is suggesting citizens use digital

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13 Jun 2019

Two hacking groups responsible for huge spike in hacked Magento 2.x stores

New research by Sanguine Security shows that cyberattacks on websites relying on e-commerce content management system (CMS) Magento are surging due to increased activity by two hacking groups. The number of hacked websites using Magento 2.x has been doubling every month since March of this year. The campaigns are exploiting

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10 Jun 2019

Most e-commerce websites running Magento at high risk of cybercrime

A new report by Foregenix indicates that reliance on the highly popular open-source e-commerce platform Magento can put small and mid-sized businesses (SMBs) at risk of cyberattacks. A whopping 87% of SMBs in the study that use Magento are at a high risk of cybercrime, while this number was less

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15 May 2019

Over 460,000 E-Retailer User Accounts Hacked

Between April 23 and May 10, threat actors compromised 461,091 user accounts for the e-commerce portals of Uniqlo and GU, the Japanese company that owns the two brands acknowledged in a statement on Monday. Fast Retailing Co., the biggest retail firm in Asia, said that hackers managed to obtain access

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05 Mar 2019

WordPress accounted for 90 percent of all hacked CMS sites in 2018

A new study by Sucuri highlights the security shortcomings of e-commerce and other websites. According to the report, the vast majority of e-commerce websites using PrestaShop, OpenCart, Joomla or Magento that were hacked in 2018, were vulnerable to attacks because they ran outdated versions of these popular content management systems

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