06 Feb 2019

Experts: Capturing Cartel Leaders Increases Violence, Does Not Reduce Flow of Drugs

Since the 1990s, U.S. strategy in the war on drugs has included massive sting operations focused on the top leaders of cartels. The unintended consequences of these takedowns, argues some working in the sector, is that cartels fragment into smaller groups who then war with each other, perpetuating and even

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04 Dec 2018

Mexico’s New Leader Says He Will Use the Army to Fight Crime

“President Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador used his first full day in office Sunday to double down on promises to deploy Mexico’s military for public security to address a key concern: stemming rampant violence and rising murders. Speaking before rows of generals at a sun-drenched military installation in one of Mexico

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26 Oct 2018

Philippines’ Duterte sacks all top customs officials over drugs

Philippine President Rodrigo Duterte has fired all top Customs Bureau officials, citing their failure to intercept a massive shipment of drugs. The previous bureau head was also removed in May of 2017 for the same occurrence. The new Customs head is a retired army general who will fill the position

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12 Jul 2018

Sri Lanka seeks to “replicate the success” of the ongoing drug war in the Philippines

4 local government officials have been killed in the Philippines in one week, raising the number of mayors and vice-mayors killed during Philippine’s war on drugs to 16. The death toll among citizens has surpassed 12,000 since the campaign began in mid-2016, according to Human Rights Watch. Recently, the Sri-Lanka

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