11 Jun 2019

They Just Won’t Die: Dark Web Drug Sellers Resist Police Crackdowns

For over six years, law enforcement agencies in the US, Europe and other parts of the world have been cracking down on digital marketplaces where narcotics and other illegal goods are being exchanged. However, the efforts have done little in the way of preventing the trade of illicit goods and

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22 Feb 2019

The U.S. Sent Its Most Advanced Fighter Jets to Blow Up Cheap Opium Labs. Now It’s Canceling the Program

The US has quietly ceased operation Iron Tempest, which was launched in late 2017 in order to deal a devastating blow to the Taliban’s drug empire in Afghanistan. As part of the program, US and Afghan war planes launched over 200 airstrikes on facilities and networks used by the Taliban for

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31 May 2018

Over 100 dead, 9,000 arrested in Bangladesh’s recently-declared ‘war on drugs’

“Bangladesh has launched a war on drugs, Philippine style, albeit on a somewhat smaller scale. The Bangladesh Chronicle website reported on May 30 that 112 drug suspects have been gunned down by the police in just a little over two weeks. Another 9,000 drug suspects have been arrested since the

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