11 Jun 2020

DHS Wants to Know What the Public Thinks About Using Drones During Emergencies

As drones gain in popularity among law enforcement and first responders, the Homeland Security Department’s Science and Technology Directorate is interested in public opinion on the ethics and affectability of the technology. The drones currently are deployed in a range of emergency response capabilities, from monitoring wildfires, tracking protestors, and

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08 May 2020

Big Tech and Aviation Companies to Set Standards For New Drone-Tracking System

In December, the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) released a proposed rule to establish a solidified system for identifying unnamed aerial vehicles called Remote ID. Recently, the agency has announced the vendors it has chosen to develop the standards and underlying technology for tracking drones. The proposal rule created framework for

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01 May 2020

How the Justice Department is Permitted to Use Counter-Drone Technology

Last week, Attorney General William Barr released a publication designed to guide the Justice Department in their use of protective counter-drone actions taken against unmanned aircraft systems that could potentially threaten national security or its facilities. In 2018, Congress, the Federal Aviation Administration, and the Transportation Department drafted a 22-page

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13 Apr 2020

Drones Take Italians’ Temperature and Issue Fines

In the northern province of Bergamo, Italy, drones are being used to ensure lockdown orders are being adhered to. The drone fleet was commissioned by the government to combat the pandemic and can perform functions such as taking temperatures, fining violators, and enforcing regulations. The drones take an individual’s temperature

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20 Mar 2020

Special Delivery: DOJ Charges Two Men for Delivering Prison Contraband with Drones

Two New Jersey men were recently charged by the Justice Department for conspiring to use drones to smuggle contraband, including drugs and cell phones, into a federal prison. As of the Friday, when the incident was first announced, one of the men was still at large but later surrendered to

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05 Feb 2020

The Pentagon Is Spending Millions on Hunter Drones With Nets

The US Air Force’s Air Combat Command received permission to shoot down unmanned flying objects near its airbases after an incident in 2017 when an F-22 Raptor nearly collided with a cheap drone. The US Military acknowledged that shooting down drones over cities is not an ideal solution to a

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30 Jan 2020

US DOI halts operations for its entire drone fleet over Chinese cybersecurity concerns

The US Department of the Interior has announced that it has halted the operations of its entire drone fleet as a result of cybersecurity concerns. The department is currently investigating whether the drones manufactured by designated foreign-owned companies are a threat to national security. This implies that the machinery is

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02 Jan 2020

Proposed FAA Rule Would Kickstart New Economy For IDing Drones

The Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) is planning on proposing a rule to require drone manufacturers to include remote ID tags in all systems. The proposed rule was published on Tuesday, and outlines the process of remote identification of unmanned aircraft systems in hopes of developing a policy for identifying drones

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18 Dec 2019

Pentagon Is Searching for Domestic Drone Options

The Defense Department announced plans to focus on domestically created and funded drone systems in 2020, stating that they view the industry as a developing ecosystem. The Defense Department stated that the development of US-manufactured unmanned aerial systems is critical for providing capabilities to the warfighter. The DoD recognized a

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04 Dec 2019

Hacking robotic vehicles is easier than you might think

New research from the University of British Columbia suggests that robotic vehicles like Amazon delivery drones can be hacked more easily than you may think. The researchers at the University of British Columbia designed three types of attacks on robotic vehicles that caused the machines to be compromised, either crashing,

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