18 Apr 2019

A Government Hacks The Web’s Phone Book—And Erodes Trust In The Internet

Researchers with Cisco Talos are tracking a highly disturbing state-sponsored Domain Name System (DNS) hijacking campaign dubbed ‘Sea Turtle’ that has already targeted around 40 organizations across 13 countries, including government agencies and energy companies. Most targets are located in the Middle East and Northern Africa. The attack has the

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23 Jan 2019

DHS releases emergency order to prevent DNS hijacking

On Tuesday afternoon, the Department of Homeland Security ordered federal agencies to implement a variety of security measures aimed at preventing DNS hijacking attacks. As part of such attacks, threat actors target the domain name system (DNS) infrastructure that plays an essential role in directing Internet traffic, in order to redirect

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10 Jan 2019

Iran-Linked DNS Hijacking Attacks Target Organizations Worldwide

FireEye has discovered a global DNS hijacking campaign targeting governments and businesses, including companies vital to telecommunications and Internet infrastructure. The cybersecurity firm says it has found evidence indicating that the attacks may be carried out by hackers working for the Iranian government. The attackers attempt to gain access to targeted networks

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