10 Dec 2019

Scientists Store Data in Synthetic DNA Embedded in a Plastic Bunny

Scientists announced on Monday that they may have uncovered a new method for mixing genetically encoded data into manufacturing materials after they stored DNA data in a plastic 3-D printed bunny. The scientists sealed the synthetic DNA data inside microscopic glass beads to protect the information as the plastic for

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30 Aug 2018

Cryptocurrency Passwords Can Now Be Stored in DNA

“This encryption tool was designed with the notion that it will last longer than a more traditional hardware option. For those who have a lot of money tied up in a cryptocurrency, if that data is kept on a hard drive, it could easily have become corrupted and unable to access decades

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03 Aug 2018

Genetic Testing Companies Release Guideline on How to Handle DNA Data

Genetic testing companies maintain databases of genetic information on millions of people who have used their services to obtain information on their family history and health. These companies released guidelines this week regarding the protection of this sensitive data, including the commitment to transparency and agreements that companies will only

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05 Jun 2018

Police’s turn to small genealogy website to solve crimes

GEDmatch, a small, free genealogy website operated by two men in their 60s and 70s has become a go-to tool for police after it was revealed to be the tool used to capture California’s “Golden State Killer.” Its use has also set off a series of discussions and legal questions

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