01 Aug 2019

5 experimental cybersecurity trends your business needs to know about

A new report by CB Insights provides information on a number of emerging cybersecurity technologies that have the potential to help companies protect themselves against cyberattacks that are getting more and more sophisticated. Some of the technologies discussed in the report are already getting quite popular, but companies could also

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29 Jul 2019

Facebook removes fake accounts from Thailand, Russia, Ukraine, Honduras

Facebook has purged 294 accounts, 1,509 pages and 32 groups from Thailand, Russia, Ukraine and Honduras from its platform, the social media giant announced last week. The deleted resources, which had over 274,000 total followers, had been engaged in “coordinated inauthentic behavior,” such as misinformation campaigns and cyber scams. The deleted

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29 May 2019

Research Shows Twitter Manipulation in Weeks Before EU Elections

Researchers with the Sherpa project have uncovered a sizable Twitter misinformation campaign that promoted “politically inflammatory content, racist content, and mistruths,” in an attempt to influence European voters in the days before the European Parliament Election, which took place last week. The campaign primarily targeted Italian and French voters with

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29 May 2019

Facebook Removes a Fresh Batch of Innovative, Iran-Linked Fake Accounts

Once again, Facebook took down an Iranian disinformation network of fake accounts engaging in “inauthentic behavior. In other words, they spread Iranian propaganda. The network consisted of 51 Facebook accounts, 36 Facebook pages, 7 Facebook groups and 3 Instagram accounts. The news comes just as FireEye published a new report

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22 May 2019

Facebook found hosting masses of far right EU disinformation networks

Campaign group Avaaz has uncovered a vast far disinformation campaign spreading fake news stories on Facebook in order to promote far right political positions to European voters ahead of the European Parliament election that will be held between 23 and 26 May. After being notified of the results of the

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15 May 2019

How Pro-Iran Hackers Spoofed FP and the News Media

A new report by Citizen Lab sheds light on a sophisticated disinformation campaign that aims to spread Iranian propaganda by promoting articles on spoofed news websites through phony Twitter accounts. The ongoing campaign, dubbed “Endless Mayfly,” started in 2016 and involved at least 11 fake Twitter personas that targeted journalists

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15 Apr 2019

Major coordinated disinformation campaign hit the Lithuanian Defense

On 10 April, the Lithuanian Defense Ministry and its minister Raimundas Karoblis were the target of a major disinformation campaign that aimed at “discrediting not only the minister as a politician but also the entire Lithuanian national defense system and damaging public trust and support to the armed forces.” The

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29 Mar 2019

In Ukraine, Russia Tests a New Facebook Tactic in Election Tampering

With the Ukrainian Presidential elections only days away, candidates are nervous about Russian interference efforts, while security officials are doing everything they can to undermine hacking and disinformation campaigns carried out by Moscow-backed hackers and trolls. Early in the campaign, Ukrainian authorities took down a Russian operation aimed at obtaining

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26 Mar 2019

Facebook Removes Fake Iranian Network Targeting Millions of Foreign Citizens

Facebook recently took down hundreds of accounts, pages, and groups that were part of propaganda networks tied to Iran, Russia, Macedonia and Kosovo, the social media giant announced on Tuesday. The biggest network of “coordinated inauthentic behavior” was linked to Iran and primarily focused on promoting narratives critical of the

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08 Mar 2019

How China & Russia Use Social Media to Sway the West

A new report by Recorded Future analyses how social media-based campaigns by the Russian and Chinese governments aim to influence public opinion in the US and other Western countries. The study finds significant differences between the Chinese and Russian campaigns both in terms of motivation and the way in which

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