03 Aug 2022

Malicious Npm Packages Tapped Again to Target Discord Users

Security researchers at Kaspersky recently uncovered a LofyLife campaign that steals tokens and infects client files, allowing them to monitor certain user actions such as logins, password changes, and payment methods. The campaign targets Discord users via the node package manager (NPM) repository. In addition to the aforementioned capabilities, the

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27 Jul 2022

NFT Projects Lost $22M to Largely the Same Hackers on Discord: Reports

Two Web3 security firms have issued reports focused on the recent scourge of hacks targeting NFT projects, likely by a linked group of hackers using compromised Discord server administrator accounts. According to a recent analysis by TRM Labs, cyber attacks against NFT collections have steadily risen in 2022, costing the NFT

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15 Jun 2022

Wave of Discord Hacks Is Making the Crypto Crash More Painful for Investors

Virtually every cryptocurrency has been crashing for at least a month—and it keeps getting worse. This has led to major cryptocurrency companies Crypto.com, Gemini, and Coinbase to lay off between 5 percent, 10 percent, and 18 percent of their staff, respectively. But there is one group that’s still thriving in

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02 Jun 2022

Scammers Target NFT Discord Channel

A popular Discord bot has been exploited by hackers deploying phishing and scamming attacks. The campaign attempts to persuade users to click on malicious links. Discord is a public chat application that is designed for gamers, but it has gained the attention of crypto owners across the world. Attackers are

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23 May 2022

Multiple NFT Projects Attacked After Commonly-Used “Mee6” Discord Bot Hacked

A Discord bot widely used by NFT projects, most notably the very popular (and very recently breached) game Axie Infinity, was compromised leading to scam messages being passed to users. A hack of the “Mee6” bot used to moderate Discord channels led to scam messages being passed in these communities,

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20 Apr 2021

NitroRansomware Asks for $9.99 Discord Gift Codes, Steals Access Tokens

The NitroRansomware malware strain launched a new campaign demanding Discord Nitro gift codes from victims instead of actual money. Although this seems like a less viable threat, research into the campaign showed that the NitroRansomware can then inflict serious damage in follow-up attacks on the same victims. The platform, Discord

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08 Apr 2021

Attackers Blowing Up Discord, Slack with Malware

Slack and Discord, two workflow and collaboration tools, have been infiltrated by malicious actors abusing legitimate functions to evade security and deliver malware. The campaign seeks to drop information stealers, remote access Trojans, and other malware to users utilizing the platforms. The pandemic drove platforms like Slack and Discord to

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12 Feb 2021

Various Malware Lurks in Discord App to Target Gamers

Zscaler ThreatLabZ, a cybersecurity research firm, found that attackers have been spamming emails and legitimate-looking links into gaming software, with an end goal of dropping the Epsilon ransomware on gamers’ systems. Other malicious applications being utilized in the attacks are the XMRig crypto miner and token stealers. A rise in

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