22 Sep 2022

Iranian Hackers Hid in Albanian Networks for Over a Year

According to a new report released by the FBI and Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Security Agency (CISA), Iranian hackers were able to remain undetected inside an Albanian government network for 14 months. At the end of this time period, the hackers deployed destructive malware. The hack resulted in Albania severing diplomatic

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01 Jun 2022

Israel Signs Free-Trade Agreement With UAE in First of Its Kind Deal with Arab State

Israel and the United Arab Emirates signed a free-trade agreement this week less than two years after they established formal diplomatic relations. The establishment of formal diplomatic relations was brokered by the US. The free-trade agreement is recognized as the first of its kind, and was singed into action on

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26 May 2022

China plays for influence in South Pacific with security proposal and diplomatic tour

China has proposed a regional security deal with some Pacific Island nations. This move is occurring amid United States concern about Beijing expanding its reach in the region. The draft calls for an increase in cooperation in policing, cybersecurity, security, and economic development.  The deal is expected to be discussed

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15 Feb 2022

U.S. Is Closing Kyiv Embassy, Relocating Diplomatic Operations to Western Ukraine

The US is reportedly closing its embassy in the Ukrainian capital city, Kyiv, and relocating its operations 340 miles west to Lviv, near the Polish border. The relocation comes as allies warn that a Russian invasion of Ukraine may be imminent. Secretary of State Antony Blinken stated that the relocation

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09 Feb 2022

Russia sees room for diplomacy

Vladimir Chizhov, Russia’s EU ambassador, has told the BBC that his country still believes diplomacy can help de-escalate the crisis over Ukraine. Mr. Chizhov stated that Russia had no intention of invading its neighbor, however, it warned the EU not to provoke Russia into changing its mind. The announcement comes

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01 Feb 2022

NATO Leaders Flock to Ukraine, Showing Support as Russia Masses Troops

Several Western leaders, foreign ministers, and presidents are scheduled to visit Kyiv in the next few days in a show of diplomatic activity designed to deter a possible Russian invasion of Ukraine and locate a peaceful way out of the crisis. A few Western countries plan to schedule weapons deliveries

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25 Jan 2022

US troops on alert as West voices unity

US President Joe Biden released a statement confirming total unanimity with European leaders regarding Russia’s controversial troop build-up on the border with Ukraine. Western powers reportedly agreed to unprecedented sanctions against Russia if it were to invade during crisis talks on Monday. The US has placed 8,500 troops on “high

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31 Dec 2021

Biden, Putin Plan Call at What U.S. Says Is a ‘Moment of Crisis’ Over Ukraine

President Biden and Russian President Vladimir Putin made plans to talk on Thursday ahead of high-level negotiations designed to deal with crisis over Russia’s military buildup near Ukraine. The call was reportedly requested by Russia, according to a senior official in the Biden administration. Moscow has been pressing the US

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01 Dec 2021

Russia Expels Some U.S. Diplomats in Latest Tit-for-Tat Action

Russia has ordered US Embassy staff in Moscow to evacuate the country by January 31. The diplomats have been in Moscow for over three years. The more marks an increase in tensions between Moscow and Washington and comes just days before diplomats were set to hold talks addressing the worsening

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12 Nov 2021

UAE foreign minister meets Assad, in highest-profile Emirati visit to Syria since start of war

Sheikh Abdallah bin Zayed, the United Arab Emirates Foreign Minister met Syrian President Bashar al-Assad on Tuesday in Damascus. The foreign minister is the most senior Emirati to visit the country since Syria’s war began in 2011. This is a signal of normalizing regional ties with other governments after the

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