18 Jan 2023

Accelerating Technology For Use In Governments: From theory to execution

This article leads to actionable recommendations for continuing the focus on speed of adoption of new technologies, including how to improve risk management issues from a USG perspective, and identifying strategies that can be implemented now, by those with the authority and will to do so.

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13 Apr 2022

The Defense Intelligence Agency Updates Challenges to Security in Space

In 2019, the Defense Intelligence Agency (DIA) published the first Challenges to Security in Space “to address the main threats to the array of U.S. space capabilities, and examine space and counterspace strategies and systems pursued primarily by China and Russia and, to a lesser extent, by North Korea and Iran.” DIA has followed up the inaugural version of the report with the recently published Challenges to Security in Space 2022. This second edition expands on the insights of the first publication and provides an “unclassified overview of the threats to U.S. space capabilities, particularly from China and Russia, as those threats continue to expand.”

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21 Dec 2021

Top 10 Mistakes When Setting-up an Artificial Intelligence Project

Whether you are just overwhelmed with data or just curious about what you will learn, you may be feeling the impulse to jump on the artificial intelligence (AI) bandwagon. Before you go too far down the road, please consider this Top 10 list of the most common mistakes managers make when building an AI project. This comes from long, hard lessons learned across multiple missions and IT clients over the years.

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19 Mar 2021

Lessons In Leadership, Intelligence Analysis, and Geopolitical Trends From Retired LTG Robert Ashley, former Director of DIA

Lieutenant General Robert Ashley, USA (ret) was the 21st Director of the Defense Intelligence Agency (DIA). He retired in November 2020 after over 36 years of active-duty service as an intelligence officer. He had previously served as the Army’s lead for all intelligence (the Army Deputy Chief of Staff, G-2), where he was the senior advisor to the Secretary of the Army and Army Chief of Staff for all aspects of intelligence, counterintelligence and security.  During his long career he commanded organizations charged with gaining insights into adversary intentions and making them actionable for decision-makers. This included work overseas including six combat tours in Iraq and Afghanistan as a squadron, brigade commander, and Deputy Chief of Staff for Intelligence (J-2). Other tours included assignments leading intelligence for the Army Joint Special Operations Command; United States Central Command; and for all US forces in Afghanistan. He also led Army intelligence training and education.

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11 Mar 2021

Updating Defense Intelligence Agency’s Data Base

The Defense Intelligence Agency (DIA) currently uses an old system called the Modernized Intelligence Database (MIDB) to store and retrieve information on foreign intelligence – everything from Country order-of-battles (tanks, airplanes, etc.), infrastructures (runways, ports, etc.) to general foreign military capabilities. They will replace it with a system called the Machine-Assisted Analytic Rapid-Repository System (MARS). As they do, will they leverage the great capabilities of American industry or seek to code things themselves?

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Intelligence Workstation of the Future
06 May 2020

The Intelligence Workstation of the Future

The Intelligence Workstation of the Future will empower analysts in new ways, combining the most modern analytical and visualization tools with enterprise security and governance technologies. This post explores this workstation, leading to actionable recommendations that organizations can put in place now to bring this concept to reality sooner vice later.

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21 May 2019

Former CIA officer jailed for 20 years for spying for China

A former CIA intelligence officer found guilty of conspiring to provide national defense information to China was sentenced to 20 years in prison last Friday. Kevin Patrick Mallory of Leesburg, Virginia, had worked for the CIA and the DIA and held a top secret security clearance. Assistant Attorney General John

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16 Jan 2019

New DIA assessment warns China nears critical military milestone

A new assessment from the Defense Intelligence Agency (DIA) warns that China is approaching a critical military milestone. The milestone, however, is not some new “doomsday device,” but a mindset. What is this worrying mindset? It is the assessment that China’s various military branches are approaching the self-conception that they

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08 May 2018

U.S. Intelligence Community Studied Warp Drives and Parallel Dimensions

A recently released report reveals that in 2010 the Defense Intelligence Agency’s Defense Warning Office commissioned a report on Warp Drive, Dark Energy, and the Manipulation of Extra Dimensions. The report focused on the feasibility and science of these technologies and the potential implications for national security. “The idea that

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03 Feb 2015

DIA World Wide Threat Assessment

Vincent R. Stewart, Lieutenant General, U.S. Marine Corps Director, Defense Intelligence Agency Information available as of January 31, 2015 was used in the preparation of this assessment INTRODUCTION Chairman Thornberry, Ranking Member Smith, and Members of the Committee, thank you for the invitation to provide the Defense Intelligence Agency’s (DIA)

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