16 Oct 2018

DHS Downplays Report That Data Thieves Are Selling Millions of Voters’ Data

“Various data on up to 35 million U.S. voters as many as 19 states is for sale online, according to a new report from a pair of cyber security research firms. But the Department of Homeland Security says that’s nothing new: much of the data is either public or available

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20 Sep 2018

DHS Seeking More Data to Help Stop Bioterrorism

DHS’s National Biosurveillance Integration Center has issued a request for information for the purpose of improving its connection to relevant databases that would “improve its capability for biothreat awareness, detection, and information sharing to respond to incidents that may cascade into a nationally significant event.” The threats named in the

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17 Sep 2018

DHS warns energy sector of hackers targeting third-party suppliers

“Malicious hackers are using vulnerabilities in third party suppliers to gain access to government entities and critical infrastructure, according to a recent alert by the Department of Homeland Security’s United State’s Computer Emergency Readiness Team. ‘Since at least May 2017, threat actors have targeted government entities and the energy, water,

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12 Sep 2018

On 9/11 anniversary, DHS says cyber threat has eclipsed terrorism

The Department of Homeland Security, an organization created after 9/11 “to prevent another 9/11,” has repeatedly stated that cyber threats have surpassed physical terrorist attacks as a leading threat. “The cyber threat has eclipsed the threat from physical terrorism…despite lots of recent warnings and reflection by senior leaders in government

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06 Sep 2018

DHS Secretary Urges Hit-Back-Harder Response to Cyber Strikes

The Department of Homeland Security secretary Kirstjen Nielsen has argued that U.S. responses to cyber attacks should be “more than commensurate” and declared that the country’s “days of cyber surrender are over” as it replaces “complacency with consequences…deniability with accountability.” Nielsen said that both statements reflected her personal opinions and

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05 Sep 2018

House votes to create drone czar at DHS

The U.S. House of Representatives has voted to install a “drone czar,” a senior official tasked with focusing solely on drones and their relationship to national and border security. The Federal Aviation Administration documented 1.9 million drones operating in the U.S. in 2016, a number expected to increase to 4.3

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26 Jul 2018

Congress wants DoD to hold a national cyber response exercise

Although it has not included a deadline, Congress has proposed high-level exercise led by the DoD in cooperation with the DHS and FBI to prepare civilian agencies to respond to attacks on critical infrastructure. Responding to lawmakers’ claims that the DoD has not adequately prepared, DOD’s CYBERCOM has emphasized that

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25 Jul 2018

The military wants to help secure the midterm elections

The Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff has offered to assist in the securing of the U.S.’s election systems for the upcoming midterm elections in November, according to a tweet from a U.S. senator on the Armed Services Committee. A Pentagon spokesperson has also announced that the DoD continues

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13 Jul 2018

Russia continues to conduct information warfare in the US

A DHS official has testified before congress regarding continued Russian efforts that have “focused on identifying divisive issues and sowing discord.” U.S. elections and critical infrastructure remain key targets and a part of Russia’s “long-term campaign objectives.” This testimony precedes by one week President Trump’s meeting with Putin, where Russian

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26 Jun 2018

DHS Warns Russia Can Take Down US Infrastructure

The Russian government likely has the ability to engage in disruptive and destructive attacks against U.S. critical infrastructure.

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