17 May 2022

Only DevSecOps can save the metaverse

Defined as a network of 3D virtual worlds focused on enhancing social connections through conventional personal computing and virtual reality and augmented reality headsets, the metaverse was once a fringe concept that few thought much, if anything, about. But more recently it was thrust into the limelight when Facebook decided

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05 Feb 2020

Why DevOps Is An Attractive Target For Cybercrime Syndicates

DevOps environments have increasingly become targets since they have become vulnerable due to several reasons, including that they are migrating to the cloud. DevOps are challenged by the dynamic and ever-changing components and configurations of public cloud environments. DevOps teams already occupy a high paced field that requires the use

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02 Aug 2019

Top 10 IoT security risks for businesses

A new Deloitte survey among IT security professionals found that almost half (48%) of them recognize the importance of embedding DevSecOps throughout the life cycle of Internet-of-things (IoT) development and of cooperating with legal, procurement, and compliance across deployments. About the same number of respondents (51%) expressed mild confidence in

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19 Jul 2019

No love lost between security specialists and developers

Even though 7 in 10 software developers are expected to write secure code, they rarely receive instructions or assistance to help them avoid security flaws, a new GitLab survey shows. Moreover, 44% of developers indicated that security vulnerabilities are not addressed when their work is being evaluated. Meanwhile, more than

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03 Jul 2019

To benefit from DevOps implementation, security and dev teams must communicate better

Companies that are in the process of implementing a DevOps culture can benefit from better communication between software departments and IT security teams, 89% of IT leaders said in a recent Trend Micro survey. 77% stated this applies to developers, security and operations as well. According to IT leaders, the

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