29 Dec 2021

Israel announces plan to double Golan Heights population, drawing condemnation from Syria

Last Sunday, Israel announced plans to double the population of the Golan Heights area over the next several years. The area is highly contested and the decision drew criticism from the Syrian government. The announcement was made at a special Cabinet meeting held in Golan Heights. Prime Minister Naftali Bannett

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04 Feb 2021

Concerns Over API Security Grow as Attacks Increase

Salt Security has released a report on API security that found 66% of organizations reported that they have slowed deploying an app into production because of API security concerns. This marks the second time in recent months that researchers are warning of application program interface threats to enterprise security. The

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26 Oct 2018

Africa’s new debt crisis: levels surpass 2001 peak

Debt levels in Africa are at their highest since 2001, with 18 countries either undergoing or at immediate risk of an acute debt crisis, according to the World Bank. Declines and fluctuations in commodity prices have impacted many countries, but two of the most significant factors in the issue are

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15 Oct 2018

How is the UN funded? A simple explanation of a complex system

The US provides a significant portion of all UN funding, around 22% of the general budget and 28% of its peacekeeping budget. For decades, these contributions have been a source of both national and international conflict as actors argue about how this spending should be reflected in terms of influence

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17 Jul 2018

US lawmakers cry foul over China-dominated ‘golden visa’

The EB-5 Immigrant Investor Program provides up to 10,000 U.S. green cards every year to foreign nationals who invest at least $500,000 in U.S. development projects. Critics argue that the program, nicknamed the “golden visa,” allows the rich to “cut” the line to U.S. citizenship. The program was initially designed

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28 Aug 2012

Technological Leapfrogging in the Developing World: Successes and Failures

Governments and NGOs alike have lauded the explosion of cellular phones in the developing world. The World Telecommunications Union reported in 2011 that 79% of the population in developing states have a mobile phone. The planet now boasts over 6 billion cellular phone subscriptions. Landlines and internet availability have never

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