07 Feb 2019

Is China about to abandon its ‘no first use’ nuclear weapons policy?

As China advances its nuclear weapons programs and works to close some of the major nuclear gaps between it and other major powers, some controversy is developing over whether these developments will lead to changes in its “no first strike” nuclear policy. With a kind of naval arms race and

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06 Feb 2019

How U.S. Mission Creep in Syria and Iraq Could Trigger War With Iran

Some analysts and politicians are raising fears that continued U.S. presence in Syria used to keep tabs on Iran could lead to unintended escalation and even trigger a war. In a previously unreported incident in 2017, the U.S. and Russia made an agreement regarding advance notice for use of airspace

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30 Oct 2018

Putin: Russia Will Target Nations Hosting U.S. Missiles

In threats echoing from the Soviet Cold War era, Russia has threatened any country in Europe that decides to host U.S. nuclear missiles previously banned under the INF treaty. “If they are deployed in Europe, we will naturally have to respond in kind. The European nations would agree to that

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13 Sep 2018

Air Force chief lays out future fight against peer-level adversaries

Referencing a classic story of the American Revolutionary War, the Air Force Chief of Staff asked “One, if by land, two, if by sea, three, if by air, four, if by space, five, if by cyber…How many lanterns does our adversary have to purchase if we can use all the

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