01 Nov 2019

Defense Innovation Board Lays Out 5 Key Principles for Ethical AI

The Defense Innovation Board, which functions as the tech advisory board for the US Department of Defense (DoD), released a highly anticipated report[pdf] on recommendations for the ethical use of artificial intelligence (AI) technologies by the DoD. The board recommends that the use of AI should be responsible, equitable, traceable,

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31 Oct 2019

An 82-Year-Old Is Suspected Of Decades-Long Scam Selling Dangerous Weapons Parts To US Military

The US Department of Justice is accusing an 82-year-old American citizen of having sold “blatantly defective replacement parts for US military weapon systems” to the US Department of Defense (DoD) since 1997. The defective parts were mostly tubes and pipes for controlling fluid in military machines that were deemed critical

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08 Aug 2019

A Secure Network Is Not Enough, Cyber Wargames Show

A series of cyber war games organized by the US Defense department has revealed unexpected ways in which threat actors could sabotage military operations, even if military networks are well protected. The vulnerabilities stem from the military’s reliance on private contractors and civilian infrastructure. For instance, military operations could be

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01 Aug 2019

The Pentagon Spent Millions on Vulnerable Chinese Tech in 2018, Watchdog Says

An internal Pentagon audit by the inspector general found that the US Department of Defense last year spent around $33 million on 8,000 printers and 1,500 computers from Chinese companies that have been accused of involvement in cyber espionage by national security officials. Moreover, the printers contained serious security flaws

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28 Jun 2019

What Business Needs To Know About The New Way DoD Will Measure Your Security Posture

The Department of Defense is establishing a new approach they expect their contractors, and sub-contractors to leverage. This is meant to help reduce risk and mitigate many challenges observed in implementing existing security/compliance regulations in the defense industrial base. Our review of this approach leaves us optimistic that this new approach is a positive change. Here is what you need to know.

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28 May 2019

As Shanahan heads to Asia, Iran tensions threaten Pentagon’s ‘great power’ focus

On Tuesday, acting US Secretary of Defense Patrick Shanahan will travel to Asia to deliver a speech underlining the US national defense strategy that since 2018 prioritizes great-power competition with China and Russia. However, experts believe that the escalating tensions between the US and Iran could undermine the US military’s

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27 May 2019

Trump says Iran nuclear deal possible as sanctions bite

US President Donald Trump believes that “Iran would like to make a deal” with the US and that such a deal is possible as a result of the US sanctions on Iran, he said on Monday. Trump added that the US government is not “looking for regime change” in Iran,

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24 May 2019

Trump doubts US needs to send more troops to Middle East

Even though the US Department of Defense is considering to send extra troops to the Middle East as a result of escalating tensions with Iran, President Donald Trump on Thursday stated that he doesn’t think those troops will be needed. Acting Defense Secretary Patrick Shanahan said that his department is

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23 May 2019

US may deploy thousands more troops amid Iran tension

As a result of escalating tensions with Iran, the US government is considering to send thousands of additional forces to the Middle East. The US Department of Defense is expected to detail the plans on Thursday. According to Reuters, around 5,000 extra troops could be deployed, while AP news agency

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17 May 2019

Pentagon asked for funds to reimburse Taliban expenses: report

Earlier this year, the US Department of Defense asked the House Appropriations subcommittee on Defense for funds to cover the costs of transportation, lodging, food and supplies for Taliban members during  peace negotiations with US government representatives. The latest round of negotiations, the 6th in total, ended last week. The

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