20 Oct 2020

Danish sub killer recaptured after attempted prison escape

A Danish man named Peter Madsen convicted of torturing and murdering a Swedish journalist on his submarine escaped from the jail in Copenhagen where he was serving a life sentence. Madsen was recaptured close to the jail on Tuesday. Although it is unclear how Madsen escaped prison in the first

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26 Aug 2019

Flaws in Cellphone Evidence Prompt Review of 10,000 Verdicts in Denmark

The Danish Ministry of Justice will need to review 10,700 court cases dating back to 2012 to check if innocent people may have been convicted due to the use of erroneous cell phone location data by Danish prosecutors. Earlier this year, two serious flaws were discovered in the IT system

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04 Feb 2019

EU countries recognise Juan Guaidó as interim Venezuelan leader

The UK, Germany, France, Spain, Sweden, and Denmark have officially recognized Juan Guaido as the interim president of Venezuela, pushing the Maduro regime further into diplomatic isolation. The countries promised to recognize the opposition government if the Maduro regime did not call for elections within 8 days. The past few

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18 Dec 2018

Think tank: NATO must prepare to counter a rapid Russia invasion in Europe

According to international affairs think tank the Atlantic Council, Russia is currently equipped to overrun U.S. and NATO forces stationed across Eastern Europe and annex land before defenses are able to mobilize. While the US has made deterrence against Russia a priority in its defense strategy through a number of

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26 Nov 2018

Jamal Khashoggi killing: Finland, Denmark, Germany halt arms sales to Saudi Arabia

“Three countries have halted arms sales to Saudi Arabia while the U.S. has stuck by the kingdom after the killing of Washington Post columnist Jamal Khashoggi. Finland and Denmark joined Germany this week in halting all future arms sales and sending of military equipment to the Saudi government. Germany and

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01 Nov 2018

Denmark accuses Iran of activist murder plot

“Denmark has accused Iran’s intelligence agencies of planning to assassinate an Iranian activist on Danish soil. The target was believed to be a member of an Arab separatist movement, Denmark’s intelligence service said. Denmark has recalled its ambassador from Tehran and is consulting other EU countries about imposing new sanctions

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10 Sep 2018

How a potential Chinese-built airport in Greenland could be risky for a vital US Air Force base

Greenland’s geography makes it heavily reliant on air transport, but a recent project to build three additional airports in the country have raised questions about China’s influence there and across Europe, North America, and the Arctic. The problem in this instance was the naming of a company owned by the

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07 Jun 2018

Foreign crime and professional criminals responsible for a growing share of arrests in Denmark

The percentage of crimes committed in Denmark by persons not living in the country has risen from 2 to 10%, including 25% of thefts and 20% of burglary. This increase has been attributed mostly to Romania and Bulgaria’s entry into the EU in 2007. Statistics like these, and the open-border

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