11 Nov 2021

‘Captain America’ Protester Gets Nearly Six Years in Prison for Hong Kong Mall Chants

Ma Chun, a 30-year-old former food deliveryman has been sentenced to five years in jail after protesting carrying a Captain America shield. China maintains that Mr. Ma was guilty of promoting independence, a sentence that carries tough penalties for public dissent. Mr. Ma was charged under the national security law

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27 Apr 2020

Thousands demonstrate against Israeli coalition deal

Over the weekend, several thousand Israelis marched in Tel Aviv to demonstrate against the unity government deal reached last week between two opposing parties lead by current Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and Benny Gantz, leader of the Blue and White Party. The protesters oppose having Netanyahu remain prime minister as

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08 Jan 2020

FBI Raided Discord Chats Of ‘Unite The Right’ Organizer

Forbes recently uncovered a search warrant pertaining to the Discord account of the chief organizer of the Unite the Right protests in Charlottesville. The protests, which turned violent and caused the death of a young woman, were led by Jason Kessler. The FBI obtained a search warrant to raid Kessler’s

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20 Dec 2019

U.S. issues more visa bans for Iranians tied to protest repression

US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo announced on Thursday that new visa restrictions will be applied to Iranian officials responsible for the crackdown on anti-government protesters, critiquing Iran’s human rights record. The restrictions will also apply to the family members of those individuals. The ban reinforces previous restrictions imposed on

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05 Dec 2019

Macron pension reform: France paralyzed by biggest national strike in years

A nationwide strike in France has severely disrupted daily activity, including schools and transportation, as workers protest an increase in retirement age with the consequence of reduced pensions. School and transportation employees joined with police, lawyers, and hospital staff for a walkout that may include millions of people. This may

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