14 Dec 2018

7,000 Voting Machines Destroyed in Congo Warehouse Fire

“Barnabe Kikaya, an advisor to outgoing President Joseph Kabila, says about 7,000 voting machines were lost in the Thursday morning fire, which he says was the work of ‘criminals.’ But Kikaya said the fire will not disrupt preparations for the December 23 vote. Questions have been raised about whether the

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24 Jul 2018

Tomorrow’s Pakistan election raises fears of ‘creeping coup’

Pakistan has a long history of military rule or heavy military involvement in politics. And, while the formal political powers held by the military were done away with in the past decade, the institution remains extremely powerful and fears continue to grow that they are or will use their influence

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20 Jul 2018

UN: In West Africa and the Sahel, signs of democratic progress amid continued ‘devastating’ violence

The UN has announced progress in building democratic institutions in Western Africa, although these gains remain in competition with the ongoing threat of terrorism and terrorist groups. Increasingly, violence pitting farmers against herders has become a leading threat in many areas, in addition to the well-known conflicts driven by groups

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