01 Dec 2022

Majority of US Defense Contractors Not Meeting Basic Cybersecurity Requirements

New research commissioned by CyberSheath revealed that nine out of ten (87%) of US defense contractors do not meet basic cybersecurity regulation requirements. The security firm conducted a survey of 300 Department of Defense contractors and found that a shockingly low number of respondents have the recommended level of security

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08 Nov 2022

Android RAT Group Targets Indian Defense Personnel

External threat landscape management platform Cyfirma has reported that a malicious Android installation package is targeting Indian defense personnel. The campaign has been active since at least July 2021. The information was shared by the cybersecurity firm over the weekend. According to Cyfirma, the Android package kit file is a

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01 Nov 2022

Hackers Target Australian Defense Communications Platform With Ransomware

Threat actors have launched a ransomware attack targeting a communications platform that is used by Australian military personnel. The platform, ForceNet, is one of the company’s external service providers and is also tasked with runnning one of its websites. Assistant Minister for Defence Matt Thistlethwaite stated that it does not

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29 Sep 2022

Sophisticated Covert Cyberattack Campaign Targets Military Contractors

Researchers at Securonix have detected a cyberattack campaign that is focused on cyber espionage. The campaign highlights the sophisticated nature of cyber threats agains the US, specifically defense contractors, and across the globe. The campaign has been dubbed STEEP#MAVERICK by Securonix researchers and has already hit multiple weapons contractors in

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30 Aug 2022

NATO Investigates Dark Web Leak of Data Stolen From Missile Vendor

NATO is allegedly investigating a data leak that impacted a European missile systems firm. Hackers have reportedly put the data stolen from the firm u for sale on the Dark Web, including blueprints of weapons currently utilized by Ukraine in the war with Russia. The company, MBDA Missile Systems, is

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09 Jun 2022

UK Joins Quantum Arms Race with First Computer

The UK government has announced that it acquired its first quantum computer, marking its entrance into the quantum arms race. The computer should help to boost the country’s research capacities in cyber defense strategies and other areas of national security. According to the Ministry of Defense, they will work alongside

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01 Jun 2022

US to send longer-range rockets in latest aid package to Ukraine

US President Biden announced that the US will be sending more advanced rocket systems to Ukraine following repeated requests. The long-range rockets allow Ukraine to strike enemy forces from larger distances. The US had previously refused to send these additional weapons to Ukraine due to fears that the weapons would

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03 May 2022

Japan and Thailand agree to new defense deal

On Monday, the leaders of Japan and Thailand announced a new defense agreement and plans to increase their economic relations. Japanese Prime Minister Fumio Kishida was just wrapping up the last leg of his three-nation tour of Southeast Asia in Thailand. Defense hardware and technology would be transferred from Japan

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05 Jan 2022

North Korea fires suspected ballistic missile into the sea

North Korea has reportedly fired a ballistic missile into the sea off of its east coast, marking its first such launch since October. The missile landed in water between the Korean peninsula and Japan, drawing condemnation from Seoul and Tokyo. The UN currently prohibits North Korea from conducting ballistic and

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04 Jan 2022

UK’s Defence Academy hit by cyberattack which caused ‘significant’ damage

The UK’s Defence Academy reportedly suffered from a cyberattack last year that inflicted significant damage to the institution, says a retired high-ranking officer. Air Marshal Edward Stringer stated that the attack was likely launched by a hostile foreign state such as Russia or China. The breach was detected in March

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