16 Jan 2019

New DIA assessment warns China nears critical military milestone

A new assessment from the Defense Intelligence Agency (DIA) warns that China is approaching a critical military milestone. The milestone, however, is not some new “doomsday device,” but a mindset. What is this worrying mindset? It is the assessment that China’s various military branches are approaching the self-conception that they

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03 Feb 2015

DIA World Wide Threat Assessment

Vincent R. Stewart, Lieutenant General, U.S. Marine Corps Director, Defense Intelligence Agency Information available as of January 31, 2015 was used in the preparation of this assessment INTRODUCTION Chairman Thornberry, Ranking Member Smith, and Members of the Committee, thank you for the invitation to provide the Defense Intelligence Agency’s (DIA)

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01 Feb 2011

Current and Projected National Security Threats to the United States

The United States faces a variety of complex transnational threats and potential threats from states of concern. My testimony will outline the current threat from Global Terrorism and the state of the insurgencies in Iraq and Afghanistan. It will highlight the challenges of proliferation of Weapons of Mass Destruction. Finally,

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