27 Dec 2018

Lockheed hits production target with 91st F-35 of the year

“Lockheed Martin announced the delivery of its 91st F-35 fighter plane this year, a 40 percent production increase over 2017, as the company said the fifth generation aircraft is moving toward full rate production. The deliveries include 54 f-35s for the United States, 21 for international partner nations and 16

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26 Dec 2018

Brazil’s oil revenue is set to fuel multibillion-dollar warship program

Brazil’s new right-wing populist government is preparing to implement a longstanding but often unimplemented national policy of using 2% of offshore drilling royalties for military spending. The move has made shipbuilders hopeful for large or expanded orders as the country bolsters its maritime capabilities. President-elect Bolsanaro takes office in January

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10 Dec 2018

Trump reverses course, tells Pentagon to boost budget request to $750 billion

Reversing his pledge to cut defense funding by 5% to $700 billion for fiscal year 2020, Trump has requested a $750 billion budget proposal from SecDef Mattis. Military officials had been fighting vigorously against the cut as failing to meet their “strategy-driven” request of $733 billion. One source indicated that

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19 Nov 2018

Here’s what the Pentagon’s first-ever audit found

“The Pentagon’s first-ever audit discovered major flaws in how it handles IT processes and challenges with its internal tracking databases, but did not discover any major cases of fraud or abuse. The audit — long sought by Congress and good-government groups — was unveiled Thursday evening. The effort covered $2.7

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16 Nov 2018

DoD is stretched thin and plans to pull back in Africa

The U.S. is preparing to draw down in Africa in order to concentrate on broader geopolitical threats. ‘As the department implements the [National Defense Strategy] to maintain our global military advantage, we are moving to a more resource-sustainable approach with our counter violent extremist organization campaign,’ Pentagon spokeswoman Navy Cmdr.

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16 Nov 2018

Here’s what the Pentagon thinks the actual cost of a Space Force will be

“Since a U.S. Air Force estimate emerged in September, putting the cost of President Donald Trump’s desired Space Force at $13 billion, Pentagon officials have been pledging that the ‘official’ cost estimate from the department will be much smaller. Now we know by how much. Speaking to reporters Thursday, Deputy

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15 Nov 2018

Price tag of the ‘war on terror’ will top $6 trillion soon

“The price tag of the ongoing ‘war on terror’ in the Middle East will likely top $6 trillion next year, and will reach $7 trillion if the conflicts continue into the early 2020s, according to a new report out Wednesday. The annual Costs of War project report, from the Watson

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13 Nov 2018

Rust Costs the Pentagon $21 Billion Per Year

“Rust costs the Pentagon more money annually than many of its most expensive weapons systems—up to $21 billion per year, according to a Defense Department-commissioned audit. The report indicates the corrosion of metals that make up modern weapons systems like fighter jets, ships, ballistic missiles and nuclear weapons can sometimes

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25 Oct 2018

Italy plans to slash half a billion dollars from defense in 2019

“Italy will cut €450 million (U.S. $512.3 million) from its planned defense spending in 2019 by suspending helicopter and missile purchases and canceling an office move by the defense ministry to help shore up social welfare and tax cuts…Italy’s total outlay on defense in 2019 will be announced in parliament

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02 Aug 2018

Congress finalizes $717 billion defense budget authorization months ahead of schedule

America’s annual defense authorization bill was passed on Wednesday, marking the earliest the spending measure has been passed in 41 years. The bill raises military pay by 2.6%, increases personnel numbers by 15,600, and increases both aircraft and ship purchases beyond levels requested by the White House. The legislation also

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