10 Mar 2020

Why Deepfakes Are A Net Positive For Humanity

Deepfake technology has become notorious for its threat to politics and other malicious uses, however, the ability to generate realistic situations will arguably be a positive for humanity according to AI experts. As new uses for deepfakes are uncovered in various industries, the technology may allow us to experience things

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02 Dec 2019

The sinister timing of deepfakes and the 2020 election

Matt Price of ZeroFox explained the significance of the rise of deepfakes leading up to the 2020 presidential elections, stating that he has seen proofs of concepts of deepfakes that could be used to create fake news in the upcoming elections. However, Price claims that he hasn’t seen any public

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02 Dec 2019

China Bans Deepfakes In New Content Crackdown

Beginning on January 1, any published deepfake videos created with AI or VR not explicitly labeled will be illegal in China. Content providers will be liable for prosecution and will be expected to police the system. A spokesperson for the government outlined risks involved with deepfakes, including their ability to

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18 Nov 2019

A celebrity deepfake roundtable with Tom Cruise and Jeff Goldblum is as weird as it sounds

The film site Collider created a deepfake roundtable discussion between Robert Downey Jr., George Lucas, Tom Cruise, Evan McGregor, and Jeff Goldblum. In the video, a celebrity impersonator provides the base performance, and then the impersonators’ faces are overlaid with the celebrities’ using machine learning technology. Deepfake videos have been

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12 Nov 2019

Twitter is trying to figure out how to handle deepfakes

Deepfake technology uses intricate facial recognition technology to create video forgeries that are false or misleading, and can be extremely convincing. Last year, members of Congress urged lawmakers to address the issue of deepfakes and realize their potential risk. Twitter recently announced a plan to combat deepfake technology, stating that

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31 Oct 2019

2020 is the Year Data Gets Weaponized

A new Forrester report projects how the cyber threat landscape is likely to evolve in the coming years. The picture it paints of the near future is grim, to say the least. The researchers project that it might not be long before “evil can adopt artificial intelligence and machine learning

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27 Sep 2019

Google’s war on deepfakes: As election looms, it shares ton of AI-faked videos

In an effort to boost research and development in the context of deepfake detection, Google has shared a database containing 3,000 deepfake videos with the new FaceForensics benchmark, a research project by researchers at the Technical University of Munich and the University Federico II of Naples. Deepfakes are audio or

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09 Sep 2019

Facebook, Microsoft Challenge Industry to Detect, Prevent ‘Deepfakes’

Facebook, Microsoft and various universities have launched a joint contest to boost efforts to fight the spread of deepfakes, which are audio or visual content doctored by artificial intelligence (AI). Deepfakes allow threat actors to spread disinformation and influence public opinion by making it seem like influential individuals including government,

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04 Sep 2019

A Harbinger Of Our Future: Reports Indicade Voice Deepfake Was Used To Scam A CEO Out Of $243,000

Adversaries in search of financial gain will innovate. We all need to accept that observation as a fact of life, meaning we should all stay agile and prepare for surprise. When it comes to deep fake video and audio, what is surprising is not that adversaries are using this technology,

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03 Sep 2019

China’s Red-Hot Face-Swapping App Provokes Privacy Concern

Once again, a popular mobile app for generating deepfakes, i.e. images or videos doctored by artificial intelligence (AI), has prompted a major privacy backlash. Since last weekend, Chinese face-swap app Zao has taken China’s iOS store by storm. The app can generate deepfakes of scenes from popular movies and TV-shows

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