08 Aug 2022

Deepfake attacks and cyber extortion are creating mounting risks

VMware reportedly identified a new type of malware in February named HermeticWiper deployed in one of the largest attacks in history. The attack was focused on the destruction of critical information and resources and was deployed against Ukraine, says the Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Security Agency (CISA). Since then, sixty-five percent

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17 Mar 2022

Russia Uses Deepfake of Zelensky to Spread Disinformation

Meta has been forced to take down a deepfake created of Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky after it went viral on Russian channels. The deepfake consisted of doctored footage of Zelensky in which he appeared to call on the military to lay down their arms. The deepfake was allegedly used by

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19 Jul 2021

Anthony Bourdain documentary sparks backlash for using AI to fake voice

A recently released documentary pertaining to the late Anthony Bourdain and his life has sparked a debate over the film’s use of artificial intelligence. The AI was used to stitch together voices quotes by the late celebrity and bring his voice back to life for the documentary. The film is

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10 Mar 2020

Why Deepfakes Are A Net Positive For Humanity

Deepfake technology has become notorious for its threat to politics and other malicious uses, however, the ability to generate realistic situations will arguably be a positive for humanity according to AI experts. As new uses for deepfakes are uncovered in various industries, the technology may allow us to experience things

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02 Dec 2019

China Bans Deepfakes In New Content Crackdown

Beginning on January 1, any published deepfake videos created with AI or VR not explicitly labeled will be illegal in China. Content providers will be liable for prosecution and will be expected to police the system. A spokesperson for the government outlined risks involved with deepfakes, including their ability to

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18 Nov 2019

A celebrity deepfake roundtable with Tom Cruise and Jeff Goldblum is as weird as it sounds

The film site Collider created a deepfake roundtable discussion between Robert Downey Jr., George Lucas, Tom Cruise, Evan McGregor, and Jeff Goldblum. In the video, a celebrity impersonator provides the base performance, and then the impersonators’ faces are overlaid with the celebrities’ using machine learning technology. Deepfake videos have been

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12 Nov 2019

Twitter is trying to figure out how to handle deepfakes

Deepfake technology uses intricate facial recognition technology to create video forgeries that are false or misleading, and can be extremely convincing. Last year, members of Congress urged lawmakers to address the issue of deepfakes and realize their potential risk. Twitter recently announced a plan to combat deepfake technology, stating that

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29 Jan 2019

Deepfake videos: Inside the Pentagon’s race against disinformation

The Pentagon’s Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency is working with universities and research collaborations around the country to combat deep fake technology. Deep fakes pose a unique and near-existential threat to countries like the U.S. where free media and fair elections are an important cornerstone of civic life. Deep fake

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