23 Aug 2022

Back To The Basics Of Corporate Intelligence: A Practitioner’s View

Optimizing intelligence processes to meet the needs of corporate decision-makers is a continuous challenge. Getting intelligence functions right can lead to observations on the business environment and analysis that will help drive the best decisions and actions. Getting intelligence functions wrong can waste money and time, and, at worse, put the company at risk by enabling bad decisions and the wrong actions.

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11 Jul 2022

The OODA C-Suite Report: Operational Intelligence for Decision-Makers

What is the value of an informed decision? At OODA Loop, we seek to surface decision intelligence that provides meaningful perspective for leaders and analysts looking to make the most informed decisions possible. The topics examined in this assessment represent developments that fit the category of operating in a VUCA world, identifying and responding to Gray Rhino risks, or opportunities from advancements in emerging technology domains. These are issues we think our members should be tracking and map to collection requirements for our team to keep you as informed as possible.

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05 Jul 2022

AI/ML-enabled Systems for Strategy and Judgment and the Future of Human-Computer-Data Interaction Design

In the recent paper “Prediction and Judgment: Why Artificial Intelligence Increases the Importance of Humans in War” the OODA loop is referenced in the following manner:

“Feedback from actions produces more data, which can be used for more predictions and decisions or to reinterpret judgment. The so-called OODA loop in military doctrine captures the same ideas. Decision cycles govern all kinds of decision tasks, from the trivial  (picking up a pencil) to the profound (mobilizing for war).  The abstract decision model [OODA Loop]  is agnostic about implementation, which means that the logic of decision might be implemented with organic, organizational, or technological components.”

For business leaders, this paper offers very interesting insights into different types of artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML) implementations – and the risk implicit in AI-enabled systems for strategy, decision-making, and judgment.

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18 Feb 2022

Covid-19, Future Pandemics and Managing the Exponential Risk of Infectious Disease

There are two books that many people have returned to read or discovered during the pandemic which–taken together–have been pretty good source material for decision-making around the pandemic. The analysis of lessons learned in this post is an effort to shift gears in our analysis of the future of this pandemic and the threat of future pandemics.  We are still experiencing a mainstream saturation in coverage of the pandemic, which contributes to all of our burnout and frustration.  We want to pivot and provide an analysis of positive, future-forward, solutions-driven issues surrounding the pandemic. It is time to start looking forward in a positive fashion.

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