30 Mar 2021

Thailand pushes back thousands fleeing Myanmar as death toll surpasses 500

More than 2,000 refugees attempting to flee Myanmar have been pushed back by Thailand. A string of air strikes in the southeast of Myanmar have led to an increase of refugees. Over 2,000 people are now hiding in the jungle and are internally displaced after being pushed back into Myanmar

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03 Mar 2021

Covid-19 Variant in Brazil Overwhelms Local Hospitals, Hits Younger Patients

This week, Brazil’s daily death toll from Covid-19 rose to its highest level yet. Health officials are pointing to a new strain that originated in the Amazon area of Brazil that is suspected to be responsible for the recent rise in deaths and infections in younger people. This past week’s

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15 Feb 2021

Biden to Join G-7 Leaders in Virtual Meeting to Discuss Pandemic Response

On Friday, US President Joe Biden plans to participate in a virtual gathering of the Group of Seven industrialized nations to discuss plans on tackling the Covid-19 pandemic as the death counts rise well above two million and the global economy remains damaged. The forum of leaders from the other

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13 Oct 2020

Reported death toll in Armenia-Azerbaijan clashes about 600

The death toll from the conflict between Armenia and Azerbaijan has reached 600, according to local media. The reported death toll includes military and civilian deaths as fighting continues despite calls for a cease-fire. On Tuesday, Nagorno-Karabakh declared that 16 of their servicemen had been killed in the conflict, bringing

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29 Sep 2020

Global Covid-19 death toll passes one million

Over the weekend, the number of people who have died worldwide due to COVID-19 complications has passed one million. Many regions are reporting a second wave of infections while others have failed to quell the first outbreaks. Data from Johns Hopkins University shows that deaths in Brazil, the US, and

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20 Aug 2020

Sweden records highest death tally in 150 years in first half of 2020

In Sweden, 51,405 deaths were registered in the first half of 2020, representing the country’s highest death tally in 150 years. According to the country’s statistics office, there were just 6,500 fatalities during the same period in 2019. This death toll has not been witnessed by Sweden since a famine

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07 Aug 2020

India now has more than 2 million confirmed coronavirus cases

Just three weeks after announcing it had reached 1 million confirmed COVID-19 cases, India’s Ministry of Health and Family Welfare released a statement that concedes it has reached over 2,027,000 cases of the infectious virus. The country’s healthcare systems have been crippled by the pressure of the escalating pandemic as

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03 Aug 2020

Iran cover-up of deaths revealed by data leak

According to an investigation conducted by BBC Persia, the number of COVID-19 deaths in Iran is nearly triple what the government has been reporting. The government’s records state that 42,000 people have died with COVID-19 symptoms as of July 20, whereas the health ministry only reported 14,405 deaths. The number

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07 Jul 2020

Hundreds of thousands more could die from Covid-19 in Latin America, agency warns

In Latin America and the Caribbean, over 121,000 people have died due to COVID-19 complications, however, health authorities warn that this number could increase by more than 300,000 as of October 1. The Pan American Health Organization held a press briefing earlier this week citing modeling by the University of

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27 May 2020

Brazil Daily Coronavirus Death Toll Surpasses That of U.S.

Brazil has surpassed the daily death toll of the US, reporting that in the past 24 hours 1,039 have died from the COVID-19 virus. In total, the US still leads the globe in the death toll, recording 98,261 deaths over the past several months. The US has, on the other

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