24 Apr 2020

The Pentagon Will Use AI to Predict Panic Buying, COVID-19 Hotspots

The Joint Artificial Intelligence Center (JAIC) plans to use AI to combat the COVID-19 pandemic by using the technology to predict hotspots and other related logistics or supply-chain problems. The JAIC has built a prototype AI tool that incorporates a variety of data streams to achieve this goal. The chief

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19 Mar 2020

New York Nightlife Only Dropped 7% As Coronavirus Warnings Jumped, Foursquare Data Shows

Information from the company Foursquare Data has shown that certain cities have been heeding the government’s warnings on social distancing, while others have not. Data released by the location services company Foursquare on Wednesday stated that traffic among 13 million Americans from February 19 to March 13 only decreased at

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20 Feb 2020

EU Plans European Rival To Google With New Data And AI Proposals

Yesterday, the EU announced plans to create a tech giant or two in Europe that would rival Google and Facebook. The EU has, over the past several months, been subjecting the two companies to anti-trust investigations in a crackdown on the companies’ policies. The EU’s plans include two policy documents

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22 Jan 2020

Data-driven vehicles: The next security challenge

As manufacturers increase their efforts to get autonomous vehicles on the road, experts are concerned that the radical shift in security needed to ensure safety will not be reached. As more smart technologies are implemented into cars, more security threats are posed. The addition of a tablet-based control console creates

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15 Jan 2020

NASA And Amazon Are Teaming Up To Build An App That Can Predict Solar Superstorms

Amazon announced a collaboration with NASA that aims to predict solar superstorms through machine learning applications. Superstorms are rare, therefore there are very few historical examples that can be used in the algorithm training process. Amazon’s AWS Professional Services and Machine Learning Solutions Lab have stated that they will use

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18 Nov 2019

US Govt Recommends Vendor System Configs To Block Malware Attacks

The Department of Homeland Security’s Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Security Agency (CISA) reminded users last week to property configure systems to defend against malware. CISA published the document through the US National Cyber Awareness System, which is designed to keep users updated on current security threats. The agency recommended installing and

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12 Feb 2019

AI & Data: Avoiding The Gotchas

Research on artificial intelligence has highlighted the importance of quality data: a machine learning device is “only as smart as the data it’s allowed to cull through,” after all. So, how do you mitigate the risks posed to AI development by bad data? Forbes offers a couple of strategies. First,

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