19 Oct 2018

New Apple Portal Lets Customers Download All Their Data

“Apple users can now download a copy of their data through the tech company’s revamped privacy portal, TechCrunch reports. This privacy portal is already available for European citizens, as the European Union’s General Data Protection Regulation law went into effect in May of this year. However, it is not available for every region

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16 Oct 2018

The Newest Password Technology Is Making Your Phone Easier for Police to Search

The way that current laws are written in the US has meannt that the “keys” to biometric passwords like facescans, fingerprints, and other similar technologies are treated like traditional searches for which police can easily obtain warrants. Alphanumeric passwords, however, are treated as “testimonial” evidence, meaning that defendants have Fifth

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30 Aug 2018

Cryptocurrency Passwords Can Now Be Stored in DNA

“This encryption tool was designed with the notion that it will last longer than a more traditional hardware option. For those who have a lot of money tied up in a cryptocurrency, if that data is kept on a hard drive, it could easily have become corrupted and unable to access decades

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28 Aug 2018

Welcome to the Age of Privacy Nihilism

“The real difference between the old and the new ages of data-intelligence-driven consumer marketing, and the invasion of privacy they entail, is that lots of people are finally aware that it is taking place. The Cambridge Analytica scandal, the recent reports about Google, and related events have contributed to that

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03 Aug 2018

Genetic Testing Companies Release Guideline on How to Handle DNA Data

Genetic testing companies maintain databases of genetic information on millions of people who have used their services to obtain information on their family history and health. These companies released guidelines this week regarding the protection of this sensitive data, including the commitment to transparency and agreements that companies will only

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02 Aug 2018

BurnBox makes hidden files look like you’ve deleted them

A new “self-revocable encryption” app has been designed to temporarily remove access to specified content on a device. The app is not yet commercially available, but could eventually allow journalists, dissidents, and similar individuals carrying sensitive data a method of carrying the data over borders or through high-risk situations without

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12 Jun 2018

Intelligence Community sees DNA as future of data storage

A four-year initiative is working to build a small device able to write data onto DNA-like polymers and a parallel device capable of reading the polymer-stored data. The initiative seeks to “present a clear and commercially viable path to future deployment at the exabyte scale” within 10 years. An exabyte

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