16 May 2019

The AI Supply Chain Runs on Ignorance

It is no secret that in order to improve the performance of artificial intelligence (AI) solutions, developers need to feed massive amounts of data into their AI algorithms so that these can evolve through “learning.” However, experts warn that AI firms are often far from transparent about how they gather

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15 May 2019

Employees are aware of USB drive security risks, but don’t follow best practices

A new report by Apricorn shows how poor USB drive security practices of employees are putting companies at risk. The survey found that employees are often the reason USB drives are used in the workplace (this is true for 68% of organizations). And even though the vast majority of employees

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09 May 2019

Websites Continue to Collect PII Data Insecurely

A new report by RiskIQ found that over a year after the European Union’s General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) went into effect, 11.5% of websites still fail to properly secure the way they collect personally identifiable information (PII) from users. Progress is being made however, since the number was 27%

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08 May 2019

US States with the Worst Consumer Cyber-Hygiene

A new Webroot survey shows that US consumer cyber-hygiene levels are lowest in the states of Mississippi, Louisiana, California, Alaska, and Connecticut, while residents of Kentucky, Idaho, Ohio, North Dakota, and New Hampshire perform best in terms of securing their digital accounts and data. In general, the research paints a

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07 May 2019

Reported data breaches up more than 56 percent

A new report by Risk Based Security show that the number of reported data breaches surged by 56.4% in Q1 of 2019 compared to the same quarter last year, while the number of exposed records rose by 28.9%. However, these figures don’t necessarily represent an uptick in actual breaches. Instead,

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06 May 2019

Trust is at a tipping point: Consumers will react strongly if they feel their privacy is compromised

A new survey by Privitar shows that a growing number of people will lose trust and even avoid companies that mishandle their personal information. Half of respondents said that they would lose trust in a firm that used their data “inappropriately,” while about the same number of people (49%) indicated

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06 May 2019

Government embracing digital transformation but struggling to implement data security

A new report by Thales looks at the data threats affecting federal agencies in the US. It shows that 60% of agencies have suffered a data breach in the past and over one-third (35%) experienced one in the past year. The research also found that almost all (98%) of agencies

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03 May 2019

Consumers care deeply about their privacy, security, and how their personal information is handled

A new survey by IPSOS Mori, the Internet Society and Consumers International shows that while most people (69%) own connected devices, many dislike them from a privacy point of view. About two-thirds (65%) of people are worried about the data collection practices of connected devices and a small minority believe

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02 May 2019

Only 55% of companies plan to be ready for CCPA implementation

A new study by OneTrust and the IAPP shows that a significant minority of companies (45%) are not aiming to achieve compliance under the California Consumer Privacy Act (CCPA) before the new legislation goes into effect on Jan. 1, 2020. One in four organizations (25%) plan to reach compliance by

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30 Apr 2019

‘Am I being watched?’ Survey Reveals Security Concerns

A new report by ASecureLife sheds light on the security and privacy concerns of US citizens. The survey found that almost two in three (65%) Americans are worried that the government is monitoring them online, and about one in two respondents feel this way about businesses. One-fourth of Americans aren’t

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