06 Oct 2022

Retailer Easylife Fined £1.5m for Data Protection Breaches

The Information Commissioner’s Office (ICO) stated last week that a UK catalog retailer has been hit with a £1.5m fine issued by the information regulator. According to the ICO, the company Easylife breached data protection and marketing laws when it shared the personal information of its customers. In addition, the

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28 Sep 2022

TikTok Facing £27m UK Regulatory Fine

The popular social media platform TikTok will face fines of £27m in the UK due to breaches of the country’s data protection laws, the Information Commissioner’s Office (ICO) has announced. The Chinese social networking giant allegedly received a notice of intent that explains the laws broken. The violations noted in

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01 Jul 2022

EU consumer groups accuse Google of privacy violations

European consumer groups accused Google of violating privacy rights online on Thursday. The group alleged that during Google’s account sign-up process, it is unclear to users how much of their personal data would be gathered via their Google accounts. The European Consumer Organization cited deceptive and unclear design and language

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14 Jun 2022

Brazil’s data protection authority to gain independence from presidential office

According to a provisional measure published today, Brazil’s National Data Protection Authority (ANPD) will gain autonomy from the presidency after being elevated to special authority status. The announcement states that the ANPD will become an autarchy yet still maintain its existing organization structure created under a 2018 law. Due to

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03 May 2022

Mobile health apps leak sensitive data through APIs, report finds

Knight Ink recently partnered with mobile security company Approov to hack 30 different mobile health apps to analyze whether they pose a threat to valuable health information belonging to users. Cybersecurity researcher Alissa Knight notes how lucrative health information is to cyberattacks, stating that a single PHI record goes for

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01 Apr 2022

Cyber-Attack on California Healthcare Organization

Partnership HealthPlan of California, a non-profit community-based healthcare organization based in Northern California, has allegedly suffered from a cyberattack that disrupted its computer systems. Partnership HealthPlan serves more than 600,000 patients in 14 different counties. The center reportedly notified a local community health center on March 21 when it detected

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30 Mar 2022

Personal Data of 620 FSB Officers Published Online

The personal data of what the Ukrainian Defense Ministry’s Directorate of Intelligence claims to belong to Russian intelligence officers has been posted online. The data was published on Monday, and includes details such as names, addresses, and phone numbers pertaining to 620 individuals. According to Ukraine, the data belongs to

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24 Mar 2022

Microsoft Says Lapsus$ Used Employee Account to Steal Source Code

Microsoft has confirmed that the data-extortion gang Lapsus$ was able to hack into its Azure DevOps server. In the same time frame, another victim, an authentication firm named Okta, came forward and confirmed that 2.5% of its customers were affected in its own Lapsus$ attack. Microsoft announced the attack publicly

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24 Mar 2022

West Blocks Russia’s Access to Weather Data

Western weather agencies are restricting Russia’s access to meteorological data due to fears that the country may use the information to its advantage when conducting attacks against Ukraine, especially in the event that biological or chemical weapons are used. Data that Russia may be blocked from accessing includes near-instantaneous measurements

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18 Mar 2022

Misconfigured Firebase Databases Exposing Data in Mobile Apps

Check Point Research has released new analysis finding that 2,113 mobile apps using the Firebase could-base database exposed users’ personal data. This means that 5% of the databases were vulnerable to threat actors, creating a gold mind of exploit opportunity across the thousands of apps. Some of the apps had

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