16 Jan 2023

Millions of Insurance Customers Compromised Via Supplier

Aflac and Zurich have confirmed that millions of customers located in Japan were impacted after a third-party contractor used by both of the insurance multi-nationals was breached. Customer details were allegedly put up for sale after the incident. Although the breached supplier has not been named, Japanese media outlets claim

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28 Dec 2022

France Fines Microsoft $64m for Imposing Ad Cookies to its Bing Users

The Commission Nationale de L’informatique et des Libertés (CNIL), France’s digital privacy regulator, announced last week that it had fined US tech giant Microsoft roughly $64 million for violating regulations on advertising cookies. The CNIL found the Microsoft’s Bing search engine was operating with a system that did not allow

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01 Nov 2022

FTC Takes Enforcement Action Against EdTech Giant Chegg

The Federal Trade commission (FTC) has filed legal action against Chegg, a popular EdTech player, due to allegations that the firm has not protected its customers from data breaches. Chegg has suffered from four data breaches since 2017, and the FTC reports that the company has taken shortcuts with the

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21 Oct 2022

‘FurBall’ Spyware Being Used Against Iranian Citizens

Analysts at ESET have found a new Android malware variant dubbed FurBall being used to target and spy on Iranian citizens. The spyware’s deployment is likely an extension of the wider Domestic Kitten campaign launched by the threat actor APT-C-50. Although the spyware has undergone some new scripts and changes,

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17 Oct 2022

Shein Holding Company Fined $1.9m For Not Disclosing Data Breach

The holding company behind the retailer giant Shein and Romwe, Zoetop, has been fined $1.9 million after allegedly failing to inform its customers of a data breach. The undisclosed data breach reportedly affected millions of users, according to a notice from the New York’s attorney general’s office. The breach reportedly

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12 Oct 2022

Toyota Reveals Data Leak of 300,000 Customers

Japanese car company Toyota has confirmed that roughly 300,000 customers may have been impacted by a data leak that exposed personal data. According to the car manufacturer, an access key was left publicly available on GitHub for almost five years. The personal information exposed in the leak is customers’ email

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27 Sep 2022

Australian Police Probe Purported Hacker’s Ransom Demand

Australian police are reportedly investigating claims that a hacker released the stolen data of roughly 10,000 Optus customers. In addition, the hacker reportedly demanded $1 million ransom in cryptocurrency to not leak the data. Optus is a telecommunications company and the nation’s second-largest wireless carrier. The data breach allegedly occurred

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07 Sep 2022

Meta Fined $400m in Ireland For Children’s Privacy Breach

Ireland’s Data Protection Commission (DPC) has announced that it plans to fine social media platform Instagram $402 million due to mistreatment and mishandling of children’s data. The DPC found that Instagram allowed children to run business accounts that displayed the account holder’s phone number and email address. Therefore, Instagram was

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01 Sep 2022

Cosmetics giant Sephora first to be fined for violating California’s Consumer Privacy Act

Sephora, an international cosmetics giant, has become the first company to be publicly fined for violating California’s relatively new Consumer Privacy Act. The fine was announced in a press release on Wednesday, and California Attorney General Rob Bonta mentioned the settlement. California alleges that Sephora violated the privacy act, resulting

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29 Aug 2022

Privacy Activists Target Google Over French ‘Spam’ Emails

A group of French activists issued a complaint to regulators on Wednesday, alleging that Google is breaking EU law by sending Gmail users direct advertising messages. This is the latest complaint in a long series filed by None of Your Business (NYOB), a French activist group battling the tech giant

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